• Tron-X 500

    SEAHAWK Tron-X 500 is specifically designed for ultralight enthusiasts. With its lightweight screw-in aluminium handle and ultralight aluminium knob, this tiny palm-sized UL reel is made to easily fit in a loose pocket or small pack for easy travelling and long-distance fishing trips. Its small size increases the thrill of fishing for smaller species while at the same time creates an exciting challenge to catch larger fish. The Tron-X 500 also features 5 ball bearings for a smooth line retrieval and an instant anti-reverse One Way Clutch to guarantee a solid hook-up.


    Features :
    • Aluminium Spool
    • Screw-In CNC Aluminium Handle with Aluminium Ultra-Light Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • 5 Ball Bearings for Smooth & Powerful Performance
    • Air Thick Bail

  • Tron-X PRO

    Tron-X Pro
    From our popular ultralight Tron-X, comes the Tron-X PRO. With this model, we maintained all the in-demand features of the Tron-X—aluminum handle, spool & knob, super lightweight, easy portability, smooth line retrieval and anti-reverse for a solid hook-set—PLUS an upgrade from a regular knob to a round aluminum one. The light aluminum helps for quick response while the round knob provides you with extra control of the reel for a more powerful game. This design also gives the reel an even sportier look.

    Features :
    • CNC Aluminium Spool
    • One-Way Clutch Ball Bearing
    • Anti Twist Line Roller
    • Screw-In CNC Aluminium Handle With Aluminium Round Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Computer Balanced System
    • Air Thick Bail



  • Tuff Tech Aqua Block (STB-548-A)

    • Floats
    • Tight sealling
    • Keep your supplies clean & dry

  • Tuna Power 3

  • Venom Blade

    The Venom Blade Spinnerbait is the ultimate fish charmer. Featuring a large profile with extra-flashywillow blades, this spinnerbait commands a bold presence no fish can resist, triggering ferocious strikes, again and again. Its showy design makes it ideal for use in a wide range of conditions, being easily detectable, even in muddy waters. It’s not just a pretty face, however. It’s made with superiorcomponents, including a premium grade silicone skirt and top-notch barrel swivels to weather through plenty of strikes it entices. When you want something that just gets it (fish, that is), the Venom Blade is amust-have addition to your fishing arsenal.

    • Prominent Flashy Red Eye on the Head
    • Versatile in Wide Range of Fishing Conditions
    • Easily Detectable in Muddy Waters
    • Premium-Grade Silicone Skirt
    • High Level of Vibration in Water
    • Bold, Eye-Catching Colors that are Hard to Miss


  • Vertical Jig

    Seahawk’s Vertical Jig is the newest addition in our line of quick action jigs. With a streamlined design & lifelike 3D Red Eye feature, this lure mimics the appearance of a fish, making it extremely irresistible to anything that swims! Its slim and centre-weight body allows a smooth and rapid drop in the water as well as quick, seamless retrieval upon any bite. The Seahawk’s Vertical Jigs are available in bold, bright colours with high quality luminous fish scale finish for fishing games of any kind, be it big or small.

    • High Quality Chrome Finishing.
    • Slim and Centre-weighted profile for Fast to Very Fast Retrieve.
    • Life-like 3D Red Eye.


  • Vortex

    The Vortex jigging rod series is designed specifically to fight big fish from deep waters. Its solid carbon fibre construction provides a solid backbone with a thinner and lighter blank. This results in a durable and powerful rod with sheer fish fighting capabilities that’s still light enough for all-day jigging comfort. This rod is available in a variety of lengths and actions to suit various fishing needs and styles. Powerful and dependable yet economical, the Vortex is proof that heavy duty jigging rods do not have to come with an equally heavy-duty price tag.



  • Vulcan

    Seahawk VULCAN spinning reel series is geared to withstand larger, tougher fish. A felt multi-disc drag system offers up to 8kg of reliable stopping power, with a screw-in aluminum handle and ergonomic round knob to further increase comfort, control and cranking power during fights. Its mid-speed gear ratio provides excellent versatility for a wider range of lures across a variety of applications.
    • Premium 6-bearing system for consistent smoothness
    • High performance anti-reverse system
    • Double anodized forged aluminum spool
    • Felt multi disc drag system
    • CNC screw-in aluminum handle
    • CNC aluminum round knob
    • AirThick—Reinforced lightweight bail arm
    • Durable stainless steel main shaft
    • Sizes: 2500 / 4000 / 6000
    • Gear ratio: 5.2:1
    • Max drag (kg): 6 / 7 / 8


  • Wide Reef Squid Jig (WR-12)

    The Wide Reef Squid Jig features an umbrella-like head with super sharp stainless steel jig hooks and a luminous collar. Available in 7 striking colors; Clear, Green, Orange, Red, White, Pink and Yellow. This jig is great at catching cephalopods (Octopus, squid and nautilus) or fish like sleeve-fish and cuttlefish in both fresh and saltwater.

    • Super sharp stainless steel jig hooks
    • Wide umbrella-like hooks for higher hook up ratio
    • Hard body with front ring to connect fishing line
    • Broad-spectrum bait and suitable for any waters
    • Excellent for octopus, squid, cuttlefish etc.
    • Luminous collar attracts squid



    Seahawk - Wide Reef Squid Jig - WRSJ Spec a

    Seahawk - Wide Reef Squid Jig - WRSJ G

  • Wide Reef Squid Jig (WR-13)

  • Wind Surf

    Features :
    • Aluminium Spool
    • CNC Aluminium Handle with Aluminium Round Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Computer Balance System
    • Air Thick Bail



  • Seahawk-Windsurf-WS 01

    Wind Surf

    Introducing Seahawk’s Wind Surf, a basic entry-level surf fishing rod offered within an affordable price range with no compromise on performance. This range comes with a fluorescent tip for increased visibility for night fishing and is perfect paired with Seahawk’s reel of the same name, or other equivalent reels.

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