Casting Reel

  • Bass Hunter Casting Reel

    • 5 Ultra-Smooth Shielded Ball Bearings
    • Low Profile Body Design
    • High Speed Gear Ratio: 7.5:1
    • Magnetic Braking System
    • 105mm Anodized Aluminium Handle
    • Machine-Cut Aluminium Deep Spool
    • Max Drag – 6KG

  • Carbon Fury

    Seahawk’s Carbon Fury is the ideal entry-level reel, where affordability meets style & performance. The Carbon Fury features a high strength graphite body that is engineered for durability and performance with specially crafted handle and rubber knob for full control. Other sleek features precise magnetic damping system to assist with the spool’s speed, side cover push lock system and ultra-smooth drag system with a max drag up to 5 kg.

    • Ultra Smooth Drag System.
    • Precision Magnetic Damping System.
    • High Strength Engineered Graphite Body, more Durable and Powerful.
    • Side Cover Push Lock System.
    • Specially Crafted Handle & Rubber Knob.


  • Hornet

    Hornet is a top choice entry-level baitcasting reel designed to give power, remarkable durability and an ultra-smooth cast. Its 4+1 ball bearings plus supported pinion gear—usually reserved for higher priced reels—ensure you get more bang for your buck with a much smoother casting experience compared to other reels of the same price range. With other features including a 7.1:1 gear ratio and 5kg max drag, this all-rounder is perfect for beginners and novice anglers looking to maximise their casting experience at an affordable price point.

    – Ultra smooth drag system
    – Precision magnetic damping system
    – Powerful and durable high strength engineered graphite body
    – Side cover push-button lock system
    – Specially designed handle & rubber knob
    – Supported pinion gear for a smooth and stable rotation


  • Iguana

    Features :
    • Ultra Smooth Drag System
    • Precision Magnetic Damping System
    • High Strength Engineered Graphite Body, More Durable and Powerful
    • Side Cover Push Lock System
    • Specially Crafted 105mm Handle & Rubber Knob


  • Lite Cast


    LITE-CAST by Seahawk is an affordable baitcasting reel made to be efficiently light, fast and strong to target ultralight game.

    The LITE-CAST’s fine-tuned 5 magnetic braking system and high gear ratio of 7.2:1 provides excellent speed and control for incredibly smooth precision casting and stable retrieve. It weighs only 138g so you get all-day fishing comfort, thanks to innovative ultra-lightweight yet sturdy materials – shallow A7006 finesse aluminum spool, A7075 alloy gear, plus a 95mm carbon fiber swept handle fitted into a streamlined body that’s compact for easy palming and improved control.

    Well-packed and well-priced, this high performer will make a fast track onto any ultralight enthusiast’s Must-Have list.

    • 6+1RBB (incl. 2 NMB) Ball Bearings.
    • Ultra Lightweight Body Material Without Sacrificing Strength and Durability.
    • Refined 5 Magnetic Braking System.
    • 95mm Carbon Fiber Swept Handle with CNC “I” Knob.
    • Lightweight Shallow A7006 Finesse Aluminium Spool.
    • High Performance A7075 Aluminium Alloy Gear.
    • With Supported Pinion Gear.
    • Streamlined Body Frame for improved Casting Control.
    • Specially Designed for Ultralight Game.


  • Patriot

    PATRIOT marches into Seahawk’s lineup of entry-level baitcasting reels. This affordable high-performer commands a speedy gear ratio of 7.1:1 and a deep spool efficient for targeting both fast swimmers and long runners alike.

    The PATRIOT comes in a one-piece lightweight graphite frame and side plates for durability without the added weight. A ceramic line guide increases casting precision and further adds smoothness during casts. Other features include a micro click graphite star drag, and an external adjustable magnetic cast control system for easier setting and control.

    Despite being an entry-level baitcaster, the PATRIOT offers more than basic components to create excellent value and stands readily “at attention”, fully equipped for battle.

    • One-piece Lightweight Graphite Frame and Side Plates
    • Premium 4 Ball Bearing System for a Smoother Cast
    • External Adjustable Magnetic Drag System
    • Micro Click Graphite Star Drag
    • Ceramic Line Guide
    • 105mm Aluminium Handle With Rubber Soft Knob

  • Predator-X

    PREDATOR-X baitcasting reel series offers speed and versatility at a great price for beginners. A 7.2:1 high speed ratio enables you to get in more casts, and easily keep up with fast swimmers. Graphite frame and side plates keep things light, while its 4-bearing system and star drag ensures smoothness throughout. In addition, PREDATOR-X comes with an external magnetic braking system for quick and easy access and control. You’ll also find that the reel is comfortable to hold and easy to palm, thanks to its low-profile design.
    For an excellent lightweight combo, pair the PREDATOR-X 103HSL baitcaster with the matching PREDATOR-X carbon fishing rod.
    • 7.2:1 high speed gear ratio
    • Max drag 6kg
    • Lightweight graphite frame and side plates
    • 4 ball bearing system keeps things smooth
    • Smooth star drag
    • External magnetic braking system for easy access and control
    • Low-profile design offers comfort and easy palming


  • Stinger-X

    Features :
    • Ultra Smooth Drag System
    • Precision Magnetic Damping System
    • High Strength Engineered Graphite Body, More Durable and Powerful
    • Side Cover Push-Button Lock System
    • Specially Crafted Handle & Rubber Knob


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