• Team Seahawk - Head Bandana - HB 01

    Head Bandana

  • Team Seahawk - Lycosa Sleeves - LS 01Blue

    Lycosa Arm Sleeve

    TEAM SEAHAWK’S Lycosa Frost-X cooling arm sleeve is lab-tested and certified with Ice-Skin Technology and UPF50 protection. Made with cutting-edge technology in Korea, it not only provides ample protection from the harmful rays of the sun but is also quick-drying, making it suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities. The extremely light breathable material effectively wicks moisture from the skin to keep the wearer dry and works with the surrounding air to create an immediate cooling sensation and comforting effect on the skin.


    Team Seahawk - Lycosa Sleeves - LS Spec



    Team Seahawk - Lycosa Sleeves - LS Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Lycosa Fishing Glove - TSFG Red

    Lycosa Fishing Glove

    Team Seahawk Lycosa Apparels’ range of 3 cut fishing gloves are engineered using the latest in angling innovation. The gloves combine FrostX ICE-DRY technology with lightweight yet highly UV-resistant stretch fabric for a breathable, cooling sensation with extra fast drying time. Features also include uniquely designed non-slip coating for a firm slip-free grip even under wet conditions, and cuffs with velcro closures for a secure and comfortable fit.

    • Anti-slip grip even under wet conditions.
    • Comfortable lightweight, breathable and waterproof fabric.
    • Incorporates Frost-X ICE-DRY technology with UV-resistant materials keep hands cool and protected.
    • 3 cut finger design for easy handing of gear and tackle during fishing.
    • Velco-closure cuffs provide a secure and comfortable fit.


    Team Seahawk - Lycosa Fishing Glove - TSFG Spec


    Team Seahawk - Lycosa Fishing Glove - TSFG Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Lycosa Jersey - Front

    Lycosa Jersey

    Team Seahawk - Lycosa Jersey - Spect

  • Team Seahawk - Lycosa Long Sleeves - LLS 01

    Lycosa Pro Long Sleeve Jersey

    The Team Seahawk Lycosa Pro Long Sleeve Jersey is made using performance-driven lightweight materials integrated with quick-dry technology to keep you cool, dry and comfortable under the hot sun. The eye-catching colour and design on the Team Seahawk Lycosa Pro Long Sleeve Jersey is made to stand out during tournaments, while also providing you with a breathable fit and ease of movement while you battle fish.



    Team Seahawk - Lycosa Long Sleeves - LLS Spec


    Team Seahawk - Lycosa Long Sleeves - LLS Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Lycosa Round Neck - Front

    Lycosa Round Neck

    Team Seahawk - Lycosa Round Neck - Spec

  • PRO T-Shirt

  • Team Seahawk - Reel Bag - EZ - BC 101

    Reel Bag (EZ # BC101)

  • TS PRO T-Shirt 2021 (Long Sleeve Jersey)

    As anglers, finding a top that provides comfort and looks stylish can be tricky. Our Team Seahawk Pro T-Shirt 2021 offers the perfect mix of both to fit your lifestyle. Curated for active anglers in mind, this shirt is made from microfiber and crafted with QuickDry. The moisture-wicking tech will make you will feel dry in just 2 hours!
    Combined with High-Memory Retention, your shirt will not lose it’s shape after constant wash-and-wear. Comes with long sleeves to provide more coverage.

    – High-Memory Retention
    – Breathable
    – Lightweight
    – Comfortable
    – Wrinkle free
    – Material: Microfiber
    – QuickDry (2h)
    – Sizes available: XS-3XL

    Care instructions:
    – Machine washable
    – Do not bleach
    – Do not iron


  • Windbreaker

    Be it rain or shine, we’ve got you covered with our ultra-lightweight Camo Windbreaker Jacket – designed with resistance & durability in mind. Make a statement with the stylish camo print, zip up for an extra layer of protection & perform all your outdoor activities hassle-free as we keep you safe & dry at all times.

    • Water Resistance
    • Ultra-lightweight Material (333g)
    • Easy to Wash
    • Great Breathability & Ventilation


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