Casting Reel

  • Barricade

    BARRICADE SW Large Capacity
    Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

    Team Seahawk Barricade SW saltwater large capacity low profile baitcasting reel series is a high-performance reel in a lightweight package. This tech-packed baitcaster promises performance on par with global brands of similar class level that far outweighs its affordable price point.

    Features :
    • Heavy Duty Brass Drive Gear
    • Precision Machine Cut Brass Pinion Gear
    • CRT : Corrosion-Resistant Treatment
    • Double Anodized Ultra Deep Spool
    • Multi-Disc High Output Carbon Drag System
    • Micro-Click Drag Star for Precise Drag Setting
    • 6HPB+1RB Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Bearings
    • Dual Anti-Reverse for Maximum Reliability
    • Quick-Set Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing
    • 6-Pin Thrust Control Casting System
    • Ceramic Line Guide Inserts for Use with Braided Line
    • On/Off Clicker for Trolling, Chunking or Bait Fishing
    • Synchronized Level Winding
    • Adjustable Jigging Handle 70mm/90mm


  • Bass Infinity III

    Feature :
    • Corrosion Resistant Aluminium Frame
    • Ultra-Strong Machined Brass Drive Gear & High-Tensile Brass Pinion Gear
    • 10 Bearings System (9 + 1) Japan NMB Included
    • Powerlock Instant Anti-Reverse (One Way Clutch)
    • NFBS (Next Free Brake System) Adjustable Control System
    • 7 Point External Indications of Anti-Backlash Control System
    • Fast Spool Changes Lock / Unlock
    • Tri-Gold Coating Line Guide
    • High Speed 7.1:1 Gear Ratio
    • Micro-Click Drag (Star Drag Settings)
    • Swept Handle for Less Wobble


  • Bass LTD

    Feature :
    • Ultra-Strong Machined Brass Drive Gear & High-Tensile Brass Pinion Gear.
    • Power Drag System 6000T Washer
    • Infinite Anti-Reverse Needle Bearing +4 Japanese Stainless Ball Bearings
    • High Speed 7.0:1 Gear Ratio
    • 5 Magnetic Anti-Backlash Control System
    • Swept Handle for Less Wobble
    • Fast Spool Change Locking
    • Titanium Line-Guide


  • Bass Pro II Casting Reel

    Bass Pro II 103L

    Bass Pro II Features :

    • 7 point external indications of Anti-backlash control system
      •Ultra – strong machined brass drive gear & high – tensile brass pinion gear
      • 7 bearing system (6 + 1), 2pcs Japan NMB included Powerlock Instant Anti-Reverse (One Way Clutch)
      • NFBS (Nest Free Brake System) adjustable centrifugal brake system
      • Ti-gold coating line guide
      • Swept handle for less wobble
      • Corrosion resistant Graphite frame
      • Right & Left handle model available
      • Reel bag


    Bass Pro II Casting Reel Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Blitzkrieg ALX - BAR 01 - Red

    Blitzkrieg ALX 9.3

    Blitzkrieg ALX Features:

    • 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearing
    • Ultra hyper speed 9.3.1
    • Remote-torque carbon drag system
    • Hi-Speed ball bearing and SUS ball bearings
    • Infinite Anti-reverse
    • Magnetic force brake system
    • Ultra wear-resisting line guide
    • EVA handle knob



    Blitzkrieg ALX Reel - BAR Icon

  • Team Seahawk-Instint-INST Main


    A new instinctive gear has been crafted for anglers – the INSTINCT.

    With an ultra high speed of 8.1:1, make light work of teasing and reeling in mighty fighters of the deep. Take full control of your casts using the Korean tech, DDS Dual Drag System; featuring a Magnetic drag and a Centrifugal drag. What’s more, we streamlined the levelwind using XLG eXtended Line Guide System and combined it with ultra wear-resistance gear. This enables an exceptionally smooth cast that casts 20% further with boosted accuracy, and a reel that stands up to the wear and tear of battle – an ultimate caster especially for longcast lovers.


    • Ultra hyper speed 8.1:1
    • Multi disc carbon drag
    • Infinite anti-reverse
    • Magnetic force brake system
    • Ultra wear-resisting line guide
    • Rubber knob


    Team Seahawk-Instint-INST Info


    Team Seahawk-Instint-INST Icon

  • Team Seahawk-Xeon-XEON 01


    Unleashing the latest in technology, the XEON baitcaster incorporates Japanese Reinforced Hamai Micro Gear System that creates notably premium high-precision gears to offer astoundingly smooth continuous gear meshing for maximum fluidity and extended durability. In designing this superior caster, we combined the technology of XLG MKII (Extended Line Guide) — a system that increases the distance of the line guide exit with the spool to achieve a more natural line angle from spool to line guide for excellent smoothness — with a ceramic V-shape line guide that minimizes casting focal point for exceptional casting accuracy. What’s more, we trimmed the reel profile using SLIMTECH technology for a better and more comfortable fit in the palm to achieve unparalleled cast control. With the XEON baitcaster, anglers can be confident they’ll achieve a better fishing experience with first-rate control in the wild chaotic world of fishing.



    • Gear Ratio 7.2:1 high speed
    • Magnetic Cast Control
    • Japan Technology Hamai Micro Gear System
    • XLG MKII (Extended Line Guide) system for further cast distance
    • Ceramic v-shape line guide for exceptional casting accuracy
    • Low Noise spool design
    • Premium rubber soft knob for a firm comfortable grip
    • Supported Pinion Gear for extra smooth and stable spool spin
    • Tournament Drag System
    • Infinite One Way Clutch
    • SlimTech reel profile for superior cast control
    • Audible tension knob click function


    Team Seahawk-Xeon-XEON Spec


    Team Seahawk-Xeon-XEON Icon

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