Casting Reel

  • Barricade

    BARRICADE SW Large Capacity
    Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

    Team Seahawk Barricade SW saltwater large capacity low profile baitcasting reel series is a high-performance reel in a lightweight package. This tech-packed baitcaster promises performance on par with global brands of similar class level that far outweighs its affordable price point.

    Features :
    • Heavy Duty Brass Drive Gear
    • Precision Machine Cut Brass Pinion Gear
    • CRT : Corrosion-Resistant Treatment
    • Double Anodized Ultra Deep Spool
    • Multi-Disc High Output Carbon Drag System
    • Micro-Click Drag Star for Precise Drag Setting
    • 6HPB+1RB Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Bearings
    • Dual Anti-Reverse for Maximum Reliability
    • Quick-Set Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing
    • 6-Pin Thrust Control Casting System
    • Ceramic Line Guide Inserts for Use with Braided Line
    • On/Off Clicker for Trolling, Chunking or Bait Fishing
    • Synchronized Level Winding
    • Adjustable Jigging Handle 70mm/90mm


  • Bass Infinity III

    Feature :
    • Corrosion Resistant Aluminium Frame
    • Ultra-Strong Machined Brass Drive Gear & High-Tensile Brass Pinion Gear
    • 10 Bearings System (9 + 1) Japan NMB Included
    • Powerlock Instant Anti-Reverse (One Way Clutch)
    • NFBS (Next Free Brake System) Adjustable Control System
    • 7 Point External Indications of Anti-Backlash Control System
    • Fast Spool Changes Lock / Unlock
    • Tri-Gold Coating Line Guide
    • High Speed 7.1:1 Gear Ratio
    • Micro-Click Drag (Star Drag Settings)
    • Swept Handle for Less Wobble


  • Bass LTD

    Feature :
    • Ultra-Strong Machined Brass Drive Gear & High-Tensile Brass Pinion Gear.
    • Power Drag System 6000T Washer
    • Infinite Anti-Reverse Needle Bearing +4 Japanese Stainless Ball Bearings
    • High Speed 7.0:1 Gear Ratio
    • 5 Magnetic Anti-Backlash Control System
    • Swept Handle for Less Wobble
    • Fast Spool Change Locking
    • Titanium Line-Guide


  • Bass Pro II Casting Reel

    Bass Pro II 103L

    Bass Pro II Features :

    • 7 point external indications of Anti-backlash control system
      •Ultra – strong machined brass drive gear & high – tensile brass pinion gear
      • 7 bearing system (6 + 1), 2pcs Japan NMB included Powerlock Instant Anti-Reverse (One Way Clutch)
      • NFBS (Nest Free Brake System) adjustable centrifugal brake system
      • Ti-gold coating line guide
      • Swept handle for less wobble
      • Corrosion resistant Graphite frame
      • Right & Left handle model available
      • Reel bag


    Bass Pro II Casting Reel Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Blitzkrieg ALX - BAR 01 - Red

    Blitzkrieg ALX 9.3

    Blitzkrieg ALX Features:

    • 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearing
    • Ultra hyper speed 9.3.1
    • Remote-torque carbon drag system
    • Hi-Speed ball bearing and SUS ball bearings
    • Infinite Anti-reverse
    • Magnetic force brake system
    • Ultra wear-resisting line guide
    • EVA handle knob



    Blitzkrieg ALX Reel - BAR Icon

  • Finesse


    Team Seahawk FINESSE introduces a major breakthrough for the ultimate baitcasting reel—rapid, ultra-smooth casts and strong retrieve, with impressive precision and control, in a lightweight package.
    The FINESSE comes packed with more features than average baitcasters. 12 premium stainless steel ball bearings ensure ultra-smooth casts, while an extended “diamond-shaped” ceramic line guide (XLG-MK3) delivers pinpoint accuracy for a high degree of casting control.
    Expect tournament grade performance with its innovative Magnetic Levitation Brake system that provides quick access and easy control for consistency in performance and more precise casts, especially when using lighter lures. In addition, a Free Spin Vertical (FSV) spool keeps its supported pinion gear in perfect alignment with the spool shaft for zero-friction. You get longer and smoother casts, with less effort.
    Catch more fish, quicker, and with style. Up your game with FINESSE.

    • 7.3:1 high-speed gear ratio
    • 3kg max drag
    • 11+1 stainless steel BB (9 lightweight SSBB + 2NMB ball bearings)
    • XLG-MK3D extended “diamond-shaped” ceramic line guide delivers pinpoint casting accuracy and smoothness
    • Magnetic Levitation brake system enables quick access and improved control over spool and brake force
    • FSV Free Spin Vertical spool perfectly aligns pinion gear and spool shaft for zero-friction on spool
    • Stainless steel infinite anti-reverse bearing
    • Dual Carbon Concept body
    • Swept carbon handle with aluminum i-shaped knob
    • CDS carbon drag washer
    • Integrated drag alert system notifies when fish is pulling drag


  • Team Seahawk-Instint-INST Main


    A new instinctive gear has been crafted for anglers – the INSTINCT.

    With an ultra high speed of 8.1:1, make light work of teasing and reeling in mighty fighters of the deep. Take full control of your casts using the Korean tech, DDS Dual Drag System; featuring a Magnetic drag and a Centrifugal drag. What’s more, we streamlined the levelwind using XLG eXtended Line Guide System and combined it with ultra wear-resistance gear. This enables an exceptionally smooth cast that casts 20% further with boosted accuracy, and a reel that stands up to the wear and tear of battle – an ultimate caster especially for longcast lovers.


    • Ultra hyper speed 8.1:1
    • Multi disc carbon drag
    • Infinite anti-reverse
    • Magnetic force brake system
    • Ultra wear-resisting line guide
    • Rubber knob


    Team Seahawk-Instint-INST Info


    Team Seahawk-Instint-INST Icon

  • Team Seahawk-Xeon-XEON 01


    Unleashing the latest in technology, the XEON baitcaster incorporates Japanese Reinforced Hamai Micro Gear System that creates notably premium high-precision gears to offer astoundingly smooth continuous gear meshing for maximum fluidity and extended durability. In designing this superior caster, we combined the technology of XLG MKII (Extended Line Guide) — a system that increases the distance of the line guide exit with the spool to achieve a more natural line angle from spool to line guide for excellent smoothness — with a ceramic V-shape line guide that minimizes casting focal point for exceptional casting accuracy. What’s more, we trimmed the reel profile using SLIMTECH technology for a better and more comfortable fit in the palm to achieve unparalleled cast control. With the XEON baitcaster, anglers can be confident they’ll achieve a better fishing experience with first-rate control in the wild chaotic world of fishing.



    • Gear Ratio 7.2:1 high speed
    • Magnetic Cast Control
    • Japan Technology Hamai Micro Gear System
    • XLG MKII (Extended Line Guide) system for further cast distance
    • Ceramic v-shape line guide for exceptional casting accuracy
    • Low Noise spool design
    • Premium rubber soft knob for a firm comfortable grip
    • Supported Pinion Gear for extra smooth and stable spool spin
    • Tournament Drag System
    • Infinite One Way Clutch
    • SlimTech reel profile for superior cast control
    • Audible tension knob click function


    Team Seahawk-Xeon-XEON Spec


    Team Seahawk-Xeon-XEON Icon

  • Xeon SW

    Built upon our bestselling XEON caster, the new XEON SW is now geared for saltwater fishing. It now comes with a longer 105mm CNC aluminum handle for more torque, power and control during retrieves. An ultra deep spool provides increased line capacity to tackle deep divers and fast swimmers, making it perfect for saltwater fishing enthusiasts, both inshore and offshore.
    XEON SW retains popular features that made the XEON a top-seller—such as premium high-precision Japanese Reinforced Hamai Micro Gear for smooth continuous gear meshing and maximum fluidity, ceramic V-shape line guide for a minimized casting focal point to achieve impressive casting accuracy, and extended line guide (XLG MKII) that creates a natural line angle from the spool to achieve 20% reduced line friction for excellent smoothness. Its streamlined frame (Slim Tech) is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand to further achieve a first-rate casting control.
    With the XEON SW’s quality components and features, you can expect a top-notch fishing experience that lasts, cast after cast.

    Features :
    • Hamai Micro Gear System
    • XLG MKII with Ceramic V Shape Line Guide
    • Low Noise Design Spool
    • Ergonomic EVA Knob
    • Supported Pinnion Gear
    • Double Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
    • Slim Tech Body Frame
    • Ultra Deep Spool
    • 105mm CNC Aluminium Handle


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