• Coast 44T

    With a little bit of rod work, the Coast 44T easily performs most basic performances ranging from popping, retrieving, stop-and-go, to creating natural fish-attracting zig-zagging action. What’s more, its aerodynamically shaped construction also makes it an excellent choice for long casting. If you’re looking for a pencil popper that is an excellent all-rounder, look no

  • Seahawk - Dare Devil 50 - DDL 01Main

    Dare Devil 50

    Seahawk - Dare Devil 50 - DDL Spec a

    Seahawk - Dare Devil 50 - DDL Icon

  • GT Popper

    This surface popper is designed for targeting big predators such as trevally, mackerel and more. Made highly durable to withstand tough fishing environments, this topwater lure is also rigged with extra sharp Mustad treble hooks to help you land more fish and increase hookup rates.



  • Seahawk - Shook Head Frog - SGF 01Main a

    Shook Head Frog (Wooden Lure)

    Seahawk - Shook Head Frog - SGF Spec a

    Seahawk - Shook Head Frog - SGF Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Strike POP - POP Main

    Strike POP 120/130

    • Excellent and life-like swimming action.
    • Variety of sizes, styles and colour to fit your fishing.
    • A great lures for all types of freshwater & saltwater fishing.


    Team Seahawk - Strike POP - POP Spec a


    Team Seahawk - Strike POP - POP Icon

  • Tiny Lava 40T

    Tiny Lava is no average popper. This tiny popper — made for ultralight anglers — is intricately crafted with a thin angled lip to form a shallow cup that deflects more water to create a more significant “pop”. Despite its size and name, the Tiny Lava is also incorporated with sufficient body volume for enhanced casting performance to cast further and more accurately, helping anglers to cover a vast casting area, regardless of casting skills.




  • Seahawk - Tree Frog - TFG 01Main

    Tree Frog (Teakwood Lure)

    Seahawk - Tree Frog - TFG Spec a

    Seahawk - Tree Frog - TFG Icon

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