• Musha Becker Jig

    If you’re looking for a versatile solid metal lure, look no further because Team Seahawk’s Musha Becker Jigs is the perfect choice for you. Suitable for retrieving, casting or even jigging, this premium all-round Musha Becker Jigs are tuned for optimum balance and performance, making this the ultimate new partner in your fishing journey.

    Its colourful, reflective body and tantalising dive upon hitting water appeals to anything that swims, making it a great choice to lure both small and larger species of any kind. Musha Becker Jigs are also great in fluttering actions which helps in improving long-distance casting, especially when fishing off beach or rocky areas. Its luminous and heavy metal body always ensures that it is stable in any water conditions it may face.


  • Musha Deep Zero Slow Jig - RD-GD

    Musha Deep Zero Slow Jig


    Musha Deep Zero jigs are specifically made for slow jigging. Its well-crafted shape creates a lifelike jerky motion of a dead fish falling into the depths.



  • 143 - B

    Musha Metal Jig 143

    Musha Lures - 143

    Musha 143 Lures Icon

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