• Pradco - Yum - Grub Main


    Grub are the No. 1 soft plastic bait for multi-species fishing, and the YUM Grub shows fish everything they need to see to generate bites – a fat, ribbed grub-like body and a slihtly oversized, thin curltail. The YUM Grub produces big swimming action, making it more effective no matter the water clarity.

    • Short, fat body profile
    • Wide swimming tail
    • Presents fish with a full meal


    Grub Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - Houdini Shad Main

    Houdini Shad

    The YUM Houdini Shad is a truly versatile soft plastic jerkbait that works its magic on largemouth and smallmouth in lakes and rivers across the country. The Houdini Shad darts with an erratic, panicky action, then “dies” on the pause with a slow, tantalizing drift. Make the Houdini Shad do any trick you want by customizing the tail – it’s the only soft-plastic jerkbait with a full diamond-fin tail perforated for easy section removal. Pull diamond-fin tail perforated for easy section removal. Pull a bass out of your hat with a Houdini Shad!


    Houdini Shad Spec


  • Pradco - Yum - Mighty Worm Main

    Mighty Worm

    The Yum Mighty Worm is a straight-tail worm with plenty of action. The tail tapers before bulging back out, prompting the Mighty Worm to writhe and dance when fished on a Texas rig or jighead, and to produce a subtle swimming motion when thrown on a carolina rig. Also a great wacky rig worm, especially when you insert a finishing nail into the tail for added weight and action.


    Mighty Worm Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - Money Minnow 03

    Money Head Jig

    YUMbrella Money Head Jigs are specifically designed for use with multi-lure rigs like the YUMbrella, with big line ties that make connection to the snaps quick and easy. A tough outer coating resists chipping and adds durability. Wide-gap hooks are super-strong and razor sharp to hook and hold big fish.

    YUM Money Head Jigs come in three sizes, with hook sizes matched to the most common sized swimbaits used on castable umbrella rigs. Each package contains 5 jigheads to fully outfit your YUMbrella, Flash Mob Jr. or other castable umbrella rig.

    The narrow shape of the head curs water perfectly and enhances the action of the swimbait. Money Head Jigs were designed by pro anglers specifically for use with these rigs.

    • YBMHJ3631
    3/16 oz w 3/0 Hook

    • YBMHJ1831
    1/8 oz w 3/0 Hook

    • YBMHJ1821
    1/8 oz w 2/0 Hook

    • YBMHJ1451
    1/4 oz w 5/0 Hook

  • Pradco - Yum - Money Minnow Main

    Money Minnow

    This swimbait from YUM is right on the money! With an ultra-realistic profile, natural swimming action ans super-soft body, the YUM Money Minnow has proven itself irresistible to bass and other gamefish. A unique hook slot in the Money Minnow’s belly allows for efficient hooksets while facilitating straight rigging and true-running performance. The money Minnow swims sweetly, even when reeled at a very slow speed, which can be the key to enticing strikes from heavyweight fish.


    Money Minnow Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - MMHooks Main

    Money Minnow Hook

    MMHooks Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - Mud Minnow Main

    Mud Minnow

    Every angler needs a good soft-plastic minnow, and the YUM Mud Minnow presents a realistic, detailed profile, with a soft-plastic consistency tough enough to catch multiple fish without tearing – even on those toothy fish like speckled trout, walleye, pike and other vicious predator fish. These durable, slender minnow swimbaits feature a paddle tail that swims easily even when crawled across the bottom for big bass or fished under a popping cork for big bull reds. Also makes a great swimbait for the YUMbrella and other umbrella rigs. Color pattern are designed for use in fresh or salt water.


    Mud Minnow Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - Ribbontail Main


    The YUM Ribbontail worm is your basic curlytail with a difference. The curl is longer than most, providing more swimming action in motion that other similar worms, and the solid body takes the abuse of multiple bass without tearing.


    Ribbontail Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - Walleye Grub Main

    Walleye Grub

    Designed by top walleye circuit pros, the wide curl tail produces fish-attracting vibration and action. Like all YUM baits, the Walleye Grub is fortified with attractant to trigger even the finicky glasseye. Fish it vertically over the flats on a jighead, or in combination with live bait and you’re sure to put some ‘eyes in the boat.


    Walleye Grub Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - Wooly bug Main

    Wooly Bug

    The Wooly Bug has it all – great action, big water displacement, enticing glide, bass-catching profile and the most effective attractant on the market. The total-package creature bait is fantastic flipping, pitching or simply bumping bottom on a Texas rig for largemouth and smallmouth bass.


    Wooly Bug Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - Wooly Hawgcraw Main

    Wooly Hawgcraw

    Excellent bait for flipping and pitching — the Wooly Hawg Craw is compact but swims through the water with an unbelievable crawfish profile


    Wooly Hawgcraw Spec

  • Pradco - Yum - Yum Spray MainPradco - Yum - Yum Spray Main

    Yum Spray Attractant

    YUM Attractant means strong attracting power. Supercharge any soft plastic bait with YUM Attractant. New 8-ounce spray bottle with ergonomic handle and soft trigger. Available in 4 flavours to cover any fishing situation.


    Yum Spray Spec

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