Casting Rod

  • Air Blade II (Casting)

  • Seahawk - Battalion - BTL MainC

    Battalion (Casting)

    Seahawk’s Battalion rod is an affordable all-rounder carbon rod that’s ideal for both freshwater and saltwater application.

    The Battalion comes in a stylish camo design, fitted with Japan FUJI guides for a smooth casting experience and is available in spinning and casting models.


    Seahawk - Battalion - BTL SpecC


    Seahawk - Battalion - BTL Icon

  • Seahawk - Carbon Fury - CF 01C

    Carbon Fury (Casting)

    Seahawk - Carbon Fury - CF SpecC


    Seahawk - Carbon Fury - CF IconC

  • Combat Stik

    Combat the waters with Seahawk’s latest entry-level rod; Combat Stik. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, this fast action rod is an affordable fit for all.

    The Combat Stik features heavy cover casting with high lifting power and swift action, making this this a powerful rod a value for its price. It’s also equipped with high density EVA foam grip for comfort handling and a newly designed reel seat a smooth and seamless casting experience.

    It is available in one-section for superior performance or a separable two-sections that are optimised for travels and easy storage.


  • Seahawk - Cross Wave - CSWE 01C

    Cross Wave (Casting)

    • SEAHAWK IM-6 graphite blank offers durability and strength
    • SEAHAWK custom reel seat
    • Aluminium oxide guides for smoother cast


    Seahawk - Cross Wave - CSWE SpecC


    Seahawk - Cross Wave - CSWE IconC

  • Seahawk - Cross Wave X - CWX Casting

    Cross Wave X (Casting)

    • Seahawk IM-6 graphite blank offers durability and strength
    • Seahawk custom reel seat
    • Aluminium oxide guides for smoother cast


    Seahawk - Cross Wave X - CWX Casting - Spec


    Seahawk - Cross Wave X - CWX Casting - Icon

  • Seahawk - First Stik - BWC 1120-60

    First Stik (BWC 1120)

    • Reinforced graphite core for sensitivity and excellent tensile strength
    • E-glass outer layer for increased flexibility and toughness
    • Super strong translucent solid tip




    Seahawk - First Stik - BWC 1120-60


    BWC spec

  • Seahawk - Flexis Casting - FLX Main

    Flexis (Casting)

    Seahawk - Flexis Casting - FLX Spec


    Seahawk - Flexis Casting - FLX Icon

  • Flexis Lite (Casting)

    The Flexis Lite, a spin-off from its brother the Flexis, is an ultralight rod developed specifically to maximise fish-playing pleasure and to bring your fights to the next level. The blank comes in an eye-catching chameleon Japanese finishing that’s made even lighter thanks to its hybrid 80/20 carbon + composite construction.

    Additionally, by incorporating a new manufacturing technology that greatly increase backbone power, this lightweight rod sports an impressive max drag of up to 13kg for some serious fighting action.

  • Flexis Lite Special Edition (Casting)


    Seahawk’s Flexis Lite SE (Special Edition) is specifically custom-made for ultralight fishing. This new edition stems off the top-selling Flexis Lite; a range of specialized light tackle of amazing quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

    This Special Edition two-piece features new innovations – including a redesigned look, improved blank with higher sensitivity and balance, and new reel seat. The new blank is made with a light-tuned hybrid composite material fitted with premium corrosion-resistant oxide guide inserts to provide a well-balanced blend of lightness, incredible sensitivity, and backbone power to maximize your fish-fighting thrill.

    Its excellent performance is further enhanced with a high-quality cork handle that’s fitted with a sturdy reel seat to offer a solid high-end look and feel. Available in a wide variety of eye-catching colours in a sleek stylish Japanese finishing.



  • Iguana Lite (Casting)


    IGUANA LITE rod series is an entry level solid carbon rod made specifically for beginners of light jigging. It features a 24-ton solid carbon blank that’s lightweight but strong. Its new construction process achieves a well-balanced blank, with excellent sensitivity for a fast response.

    • Entry-level light jigging rod
    • 24-T solid carbon blank construction
    • Lightweight but durable
    • Excellent sensitivity that detects small nibbles


  • King Iguana (Casting)

    KING IGUANA is an entry-level jigging rod specifically made for anglers looking for a strong yet affordable option.
    KING IGUANA sports sufficient lifting power in a thin and lightweight solid carbon blank—courtesy of Seahawk NanoLite tech. The blank is innovatively made to be flexible enough to bend during fights, and strong enough to withstand the pulling might from saltwater species such as Grouper and GTs.
    Venture out into the world of jigging with KING IGUANA!


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