Spinning Reel

  • Team Seahawk-Basara Reel-BAS Main



    • Lighweight CNC machined aluminium spool
    • 9 ball bearings & Infinite one way clutch bearing
    • Powerful ratation
    • High-speed
    • Super smooth gear
    • Carbon drag system
    • Screw-on aluminium handle


    Team Seahawk-Basara Reel-BAS Info


    Team Seahawk-Basara Reel-BAS icon

  • Team Seahawk - Evolution Reel - ER 01B


    Feature :
    • Aluminium spool
    • CNC aluminium Screw-In handle with Rubber T knob
    • Excellent line lay oscillation system
    • Infinite one way clutch bearing
    • Air thick bail
    • Free graphite spool


    Evolution Reel - ER Spec


    Evolution Reel - ER Icon

  • genesys-tsg-1


    GENESYS is a super-light spinner that comes with specialized saltwater treatment and holds its own regardless of whether you’re casting onto saltwater or freshwater alike.

    This reel boasts a revolutionized ‘Dura-Air Rotor’ from the latest cutting-edge technology courtesy of Japan engineering that results in a newly designed, much lighter and stronger air-rotor. This reel has proved popular among anglers for its desired sought-after experience of an extremely smooth and light retrieve; even for jigs above 100g or while handling fish (even fish above 10kg during a field-test).

    Encased in a light and sturdy aluminum frame, the Genesys reel is not only capable of excellent performance out in the waters but is also aesthetically-pleasing to the eye; a cool eye-catching crimson-red chrome, gold-rimmed spool and shimmering body. Its strong and stable bail arm also makes it rightfully equipped for heavy-game fishing, replete with a secure screw-in power handle that enables a firm and comfortable grip on its high density EVA knob.

    Despite its light size, this reel offers a deep spool that is even suitable for heavy set-ups and loads up to 150m of a 50lb line (for the size 4000 reel). To top it all off, this fish-throttling device also gives off a sharp drag alarm during action, music to the ears of all anglers alike.




    • Stainless Steel Main Shaft
    • Saltwater Treatment
    • Body Structure Aluminium Frame + Carbon Body Cover
    • Dura Air Rotor
    • Super Smooth Gear
    • Screw-In Aluminium Handle
    • Carbon Drag System
    • 9 + 1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearing



  • Hyper Jig Reel

    Hyper Jig

    HYPER JIG 6000 jigging reel is designated as one of the best saltwater game spinning reels series. It comes with a 4.8:1 gear ratio, offers torque for tough fights, ample spool diameter to deliver speed when needed, additional improved smoothness and a maximum drag force power of up to 15kg.

    With 7 CRBB (Corrosion – Resistant) system, a one way clutch bearing and water proof system contruction that enables the Hyper Jig 6000 to be extremely suitable for all your heavy duty jigging and popping. A perfect companion to any fisher person indeed!


    Features :

    • 7 + 1 high-grade stainless steel ball bearing
    • Ultra-lightweight yet super strong graphite body & rotor
    • Washable design with sealed, waterproof drag system
    • Forged aluminium spool
    • Corrosion resistant coating aluminium spool
    • Heavy duty anodized aluminium air bail wire
    • Stopper – less contruction (infinite anti-reverse switch)
    • Hyper power gear models only
    • ultra-tough machined power handle with high density power EVA grip knob
    • Forged aluminium ball arm
    • Saltwater-proof hyper brass pinion gear


    Hyper Jig Reel Icon

  • Metallite Spinning Reel


    Features :
    • Computer design balance rotor for minimum vibration
    • Excellent line lay oscillation system
    • CNC machined cut handle with high-densily eva knob
    • Anti-Twist line roller


    metallite Spinning Reel Spec

    metallite Spinning Reel Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON 01


    • Stainless Steel Main Shaft
    • Smooth Gear
    • Screw-On Aluminium Handle
    • Tournament Drag System
    • Tough-Bodyz


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Spec 1


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Spec 2


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Icon

  • Surf Jig II Reel

    Surf Jig II

    Surf Jig II spinning reel is value for money. It comes with a high power 4.8:1 gear ratio, complete with 7 ball bearings, heavy duty air bail technology and CRBB anti-corrosion ball bearings.

    All of these make it an excellent choice as a saltwater surf beach reel. This reel is indeed an answered prayer for anglers who are on the lookout high and low for a good reel that ranges from fighting fish from the shore to jigging while surfing the hi-seas.


    Features :

    • 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearing
    • Machined fighting power handle
    • High desity EVA grip knob for jigging
    • Metal line clip
    • Silent oscillation shaft system
    • Multi-tough drag system
    • Heavy duty anodized aluminium air bail wire
    • Saltwater proof hyper brass pinion gear
    • Infinte anti-reverse switch


    Surf Jig II Reel Icon

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