Spinning Reel

  • Team Seahawk-Basara Reel-BAS Main



    • Lighweight CNC machined aluminium spool
    • 9 ball bearings & Infinite one way clutch bearing
    • Powerful ratation
    • High-speed
    • Super smooth gear
    • Carbon drag system
    • Screw-on aluminium handle


    Team Seahawk-Basara Reel-BAS Info


    Team Seahawk-Basara Reel-BAS icon

  • Blast Gold

    Blast Gold series sets a new gold standard in affordable saltwater fishing reels. This high-performance reel incorporates advanced Japanese technology and design concepts, and is loaded with premium features usually reserved for higher-end saltwater reels; at a price far less than expected.

    The main highlight of this reel is an all-metal body that keeps the reel sturdy and maintains gear alignment under heavy loads. A full metal rotor further increases toughness and strength. In addition, the Blast Gold sports Seahawk’s 360 Saltwater Protection; a system consisting of high quality components developed specifically to protect against corrosive saltwater elements for a longer lifespan—corrosion-resistant stainless steel power drive gear, main shaft, instant anti-reverse and 9 silky-smooth double-sealed stainless steel bearings for a substantially smooth crank. What’s more, it’s also powerfully equipped to put up to 18kg (40lb) of pressure on tough game fish, so you can focus on fighting without worry.

    If you’re a saltwater fanatic serious about landing big fish, the Blast Gold series is a top choice for one of the smoothest, strongest pieces of machinery you can find in the market today, at a price that can’t be beat!

    • 9+1 Double Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
    • Stainless Steel Power Drive Gear & Main Shaft
    • Full Dura-Metal Body and Stainless Steel Rotor
    • Stainless Steel Infinite One Way Clutch Anti-Reverse
    • Double Anodized High Precision CNC Aluminum Spool
    • Dual Propulsion Anti-Twist Line Roller
    • Saltwater 360 Protection
    • CDS Carbon Drag System
    • 18kg (40lb) Max Drag


  • Team Seahawk - Evolution Reel - ER 01B


    Feature :
    • Aluminium spool
    • CNC aluminium Screw-In handle with Rubber T knob
    • Excellent line lay oscillation system
    • Infinite one way clutch bearing
    • Air thick bail
    • Free graphite spool


    Evolution Reel - ER Spec


    Evolution Reel - ER Icon

  • genesys-tsg-1


    GENESYS is a super-light spinner that comes with specialized saltwater treatment and holds its own regardless of whether you’re casting onto saltwater or freshwater alike.

    This reel boasts a revolutionized ‘Dura-Air Rotor’ from the latest cutting-edge technology courtesy of Japan engineering that results in a newly designed, much lighter and stronger air-rotor. This reel has proved popular among anglers for its desired sought-after experience of an extremely smooth and light retrieve; even for jigs above 100g or while handling fish (even fish above 10kg during a field-test).

    Encased in a light and sturdy aluminum frame, the Genesys reel is not only capable of excellent performance out in the waters but is also aesthetically-pleasing to the eye; a cool eye-catching crimson-red chrome, gold-rimmed spool and shimmering body. Its strong and stable bail arm also makes it rightfully equipped for heavy-game fishing, replete with a secure screw-in power handle that enables a firm and comfortable grip on its high density EVA knob.

    Despite its light size, this reel offers a deep spool that is even suitable for heavy set-ups and loads up to 150m of a 50lb line (for the size 4000 reel). To top it all off, this fish-throttling device also gives off a sharp drag alarm during action, music to the ears of all anglers alike.




    • Stainless Steel Main Shaft
    • Saltwater Treatment
    • Body Structure Aluminium Frame + Carbon Body Cover
    • Dura Air Rotor
    • Super Smooth Gear
    • Screw-In Aluminium Handle
    • Carbon Drag System
    • 9 + 1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearing



  • Hyper Jig Reel

    Hyper Jig

    HYPER JIG 6000 jigging reel is designated as one of the best saltwater game spinning reels series. It comes with a 4.8:1 gear ratio, offers torque for tough fights, ample spool diameter to deliver speed when needed, additional improved smoothness and a maximum drag force power of up to 15kg.

    With 7 CRBB (Corrosion – Resistant) system, a one way clutch bearing and water proof system contruction that enables the Hyper Jig 6000 to be extremely suitable for all your heavy duty jigging and popping. A perfect companion to any fisher person indeed!


    Features :

    • 7 + 1 high-grade stainless steel ball bearing
    • Ultra-lightweight yet super strong graphite body & rotor
    • Washable design with sealed, waterproof drag system
    • Forged aluminium spool
    • Corrosion resistant coating aluminium spool
    • Heavy duty anodized aluminium air bail wire
    • Stopper – less contruction (infinite anti-reverse switch)
    • Hyper power gear models only
    • ultra-tough machined power handle with high density power EVA grip knob
    • Forged aluminium ball arm
    • Saltwater-proof hyper brass pinion gear


    Hyper Jig Reel Icon

  • Metallite Spinning Reel


    Features :
    • Computer design balance rotor for minimum vibration
    • Excellent line lay oscillation system
    • CNC machined cut handle with high-densily eva knob
    • Anti-Twist line roller


    metallite Spinning Reel Spec

    metallite Spinning Reel Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON 01


    The Ronin is all about bringing your long-cast experience to the next level.

    The reel is feature Team Seahawk’s Tru-Smooth System— additional bearings on the shaft for a quicker, smoother spool rotation that maximises casting distance—and C-Loop Propelling System; a reduced angle on the spool lip for less line friction for extra smoothness. Both these features combine to create an effortless cast that covers an amazing distance. All that silky-smooth operation is protected by a solid zero flex Tough-Bodyz frame for a perfectly consistent alignment. Reach further and cast faster with this winner in your palm.

    • Stainless Steel Main Shaft
    • Smooth Gear
    • Screw-On Aluminium Handle
    • Tournament Drag System
    • Tough-Bodyz


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Spec 1


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Spec 2


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Icon

  • Surf Jig II Reel

    Surf Jig II

    Surf Jig II spinning reel is value for money. It comes with a high power 4.8:1 gear ratio, complete with 7 ball bearings, heavy duty air bail technology and CRBB anti-corrosion ball bearings.

    All of these make it an excellent choice as a saltwater surf beach reel. This reel is indeed an answered prayer for anglers who are on the lookout high and low for a good reel that ranges from fighting fish from the shore to jigging while surfing the hi-seas.


    Features :

    • 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearing
    • Machined fighting power handle
    • High desity EVA grip knob for jigging
    • Metal line clip
    • Silent oscillation shaft system
    • Multi-tough drag system
    • Heavy duty anodized aluminium air bail wire
    • Saltwater proof hyper brass pinion gear
    • Infinte anti-reverse switch


    Surf Jig II Reel Icon

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