Casting Rod

  • Axxon Casting Rod

    Axxon (Casting)

    Combining innovative engineering with the latest in state-of-the-art materials, the next generation of Team Seahawk Axxon Spinning and Baitcasting Rods are new and improved for an even higher level of performance, complete with 24-Ton High-Grade Modulus Blanks and exclusive Fuji components.

    Features :
    • 24T HMCG carbon graphite construction
    • New “Smart Grip” EVA foam sleeve that slips over exposed reel seat for comfort
    • Split grip design with comfortable cork & EVA handle and butt cap grips
    • New concept Fuji “Alconite” conventional guides stainless steel frame
    • Small diameter EVA fore-grip
    • A genuine Fuji® ACS / DPSM reel seat
    • Power : medium-heavy action
    Axxon Baitcasting Spec

    Axxon Baitcasting Icon

  • Bass Infinity II Rod

    Bass Infinity II

    Team Seahawk Baitcasting Rod – Bass Infinity II Features :
    • Ultra-light Japanese Carbon Graphite Blank (JCGB)
    • New “Smart Grip” EVA foam sleeve that slips over exposed reel seat for comfort
    • Split grip design with comfortable EVA handle and butt cap grips
    • New concept Fuji “Alconite” micro guides stainless steel frame
    • A genuine Fuji® ACS trigger reel seat (Made in Japan)
    • Power : medium – heavy fast action


    Bass infinity II Spec

    Bass Infinity II Baitcasting Icon

  • Bass Pro Rod

    Bass Pro

    Team Seahawk Casting Rod has a super sensitive blank (IM7) that helps you feel every mili-tingle of a bite. Its combined features result in a lighter, more sensitive rod with a wider choice in length.

    Bass Pro Features:

    • High-modulus IM7 carbon graphite blank
    • New “Smart Grip” EVA foam sleeve that slips over exposed reel seat for comfort
    • Fuji guides stainless steel frame
    • A genuine Fuji® ACS trigger reel seat (Made in Japan)
    • Fuji screw-down hood with EVA foam
    • Power : medium-heavy action


    bass pro spec

    Bass Pro Baitcasting Icon

  • black bass baitcasting rod

    Black Bass (Casting)


    Black Bass Baitcasting Icon

  • Black Stinger Casting Rod

    Black Stinger (Casting)

    Team Seahawk Baitcasting Rod – Black Stinger Feature:
    Designed for lure fishing with the ultimate lightweight sensitivity and strength, this rod is the advanced performance you need for light lines and big fish.


    • High-modulus IM7 graphite blank (IM7)
    • New “Smart Grip” EVA foam sleeve that slips over exposed reel seat for comfort
    • Split grip design with comfortable EVA handle and butt cap grips
    • Fuji conventional guides stainless steel frame
    • A genuine Fuji® ACS/NPS reel seat
    • Decorative screw-down hood
    • Action : medium-heavy action




    Black Stinger Casting Icon

  • Black Venom (Casting)

    The Black Venom is designed to be the ultimate lure fishing rod, specially made for medium to heavy cover fishing. This limited edition handmade rod is versatile for both freshwater and saltwater conditions, with a fast action that guarantees excellent sensitivity and solid hook sets.

    The rod features a strong ultra-lightweight blank—only 151g—thanks to Seahawk’s HMCC-30T custom construction, created using a light and perfectly balanced 30-ton high modulus carbon. This specialist rod comes in a two-piece butt joint for maximum portability while still affording the action and backbone power of a ‘one-piece’. As an added bonus, its lower section is further reinforced using multi-layer, multi-directional high modulus carbon for increased lifting power, strength and durability.



  • Blitzkrieg Casting Rod


    Harnessing decades of Japanese-inspired design and expertise, we bring you the Team Seahawk Blitzkrieg series bass rods. This rod is best for avid anglers targeting game fish such as the Peacock Bass. It utilizes the latest innovation of Japanese carbon material technology; primarily X-Wrap carbon layers to prevent twisting of the blank for greater strength, sensitivity and hook setting power.


    The BKG-C67L is built to deliver confidence and control to your hands. It is factory-balanced and tuned with a soft, responsive tip and backbone power for finesse presentations. It is designed and built with a fast taper blank for accurate casting and pitching presentations from jigs and worms to sparse, light covers. It is also ideally suited for other finesse presentations such as finesse hair jigs, small paddle tail swimbaits, light Texas-rigs, dropshot rigs, small tubes or even wacky rigs.


    Designed with a fast taper for casting and pitching jigs and worms to cover, the smooth loading blank is also ideally suited for Techniques of finesse / Finesse Hair Jigs / Light Texas Rigs / Dartheads / Dropshopt Rigs / Gitzits / Shaky Heads / Tubes / Wacky Rigged Worms


    The BKG-C610M is designed for power and versatility in mind. Built with 6’ 10”, medium fast taper blank, this rod is designed for accurate, close-quarter presentation with backbone power to deliver better hook sets and performance for spinnerbaits. It is also ideally suited for lipless crankbaits, swim jigs, Texas-rigs, weightless worms or even larger jerkbaits.

    Blitzkrieg RODS Spec

    Blitzkrieg Rod Icon

  • Blitzkrieg Finesse (Casting)

    Introducing Team Seahawk’s latest addition to its ever-expanding Ultralight collection – Blitzkrieg Finesse, expertly crafted for aging fishing. It’s our slimmest rod yet, delivering an incredibly delicate feel and sensitivity, everything an ultralight enthusiast craves for in a fishing rod.

    Its 30-Ton TORAY high modulus carbon construction body provides a crisp, feather-like feel without comprising both power & strength. It’s engineered with premium stainless steel SEA Guides – HERO Hi Grade 316L, coupled with ceramic rings that offers higher corrosion resistance.

    Blitzkrieg Finesse’s EVA handle and ergonomic reel seat is crafted to snug your fishing reels comfortably for an all-day fishing comfort. Its body is coated with a beautiful chameleon finish for a stylish flair.

    – Crafted for ultralight fishing
    – Slim, ultra-sensitive build
    – Ergonomic reel seat
    – Put-over blank
    – High density EVA handle
    – EX-Joint (Extended Joint)
    – Strikingly beautiful chameleon finish
    – Premium SEA Guides – HERO Hi-Grade 316L
    – 30-Ton TORAY hollow High Modulus Carbon Construction

  • Brown Stinger Casting Rod

    Brown Stinger (Casting)

    Team Seahawk Baitcasting Rod- Brown Stinger Features :
    • High-modulus IM7 carbon graphite blank (IM7)
    • New “Smart Grip” EVA foam sleeve that slips over exposed reel seat for comfort
    • A genuine Fuji® VSS/ACS reel seat (Made in Japan)



    Brown Stinger Casting Icon

  • Carbon Sense (Casting)

    Team Seahawk’s Carbon Sense Project-X is a versatile medium-heavy, fast-action model with a refined balance between strength, sensitivity, and lightness that’s ideal for everything from topwater to flipping.

    For increased rod feedback, Carbon Sense pairs an extra-light, extra-sensitive high modulus carbon construction (HMCC-30T) blank—condensed and robust with a fast action—together with a full carbon handle (Hi-Sense Tech). This innovation enhances sensitivity, allowing the rod to detect and magnify the tiniest of nibbles, then evenly extends the vibration throughout the entire blank from line to palm for a quicker reaction.

    In addition, its blank incorporates a technologically advanced method that consists of an inter-wrapped layer (Graphite X-Wrap) of super high-density carbon ribbon both within and outside the blank. This technology reinforces the blank and maintains strength while decreasing weight to deliver a remarkably powerful cast with minimum effort.


  • Chameleon Casting Rod


    The Chameleon Baitcasting rod is specifically made for baitcasting and its 2-piece design is easily portable


    Chameleon baitcasting rod

  • Fujion Casting Rod

    Fujion (Casting)

    The Fujion baitcasting rod series come in both spinning and baitcasting rods with advanced technological performance, improvements and enhancements of innovation.


    Fujion Baitcasting Icon

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