Jigging Rod

  • Amberjack Extra

    Built upon Seahawk’s Amberjack big game fishing rod series, the AMBERJACK EXTRA now comes with extra strength — DOUBLE the power, for triple the thrill!

    Thanks to the latest in blank construction technology, Seahawk’s AMBERJACK EXTRA is able to greatly increase its maximum drag power to TWICE that of its predecessors — all within a light and sensitive high modulus 24T blank construction. Other features include Japan FUJI guides for tangle-free fishing, and a portable two-section butt joint design.

    Whether facing larger, bolder, or more formidable foes, this new amped up rod is made to intensify your game!



  • Amberjack XT

  • Battle Jig

    Seahawk Battle Jig Entry Level Spinning Jigging Rod
    Seahawk Battle Jig is a starter rod made for beginners in jigging or for anglers wanting an affordable option for casual jigging. Its 24-Ton solid carbon blank construction offers a balanced combination of lightness, strength, and sensitivity—with sufficient pulling power for fighting larger game fish. Its length makes it versatile for casting a wider range of jigs and lures, with ceramic line guides to deliver a smooth line flow.

    • Ideal for beginner and casual jigging
    • High modulus 24-Ton carbon blank construction
    • Balanced strength, durability, and lightweight comfort
    • Butt-joint balances travel convenience and load capacity
    • Ceramic line guides for reduced line wear and friction
    • Versatile 6’3” length with great sensitivity
    • Moderate fast action


  • Seahawk - Gachri Genki - GCG 01Orange

    Gachiri Genki

    Features :
    • Carbon composite blank
    • Sensitive and responsive with excellent durability
    • Specifically engineered and designed for jigging
    • Applicable for freshwater and saltwater conditions
    • Semi-parabolic action


    Seahawk - Gachri Genki - GCG Spec

    Seahawk - Gachri Genki - GCG Icon

  • Seahawk - Intrepid - ITD 01



    Seahawk - Intrepid - ITD Spec


    Seahawk - Intrepid - ITD Icon

  • Seahawk - Jig Runner - JR 01

    Jig Runner

    • 24-T carbon blank
    • Specifically engineered and designed for heavy jigging


    Seahawk - Jig Runner - JR Spinning


    Seahawk - Jig Runner - JR Casting


    Seahawk - Jig Runner - JR Casting

  • Jigging X’Pert


    Seahawk JIGGING X’PERT rod series are engineered to be lightweight but strong, with great feedback ideal for vertical jigging enthusiasts. Its full carbon blank with 30-Ton high modulus carbon construction forms a slimmer and lighter profile that’s also highly sensitive and responsive to warn you of any small nibbles. This rod comes in a two-piece buttjoint design for a good balance between easy storage and excellent strength and lifting power comparable to a one-piece.


  • Seahawk - Jigmaster - JM 01


    • Lightweight and sensitive graphite composite blanks with extra fast actions
    • Stronger than other carbon graphite rods
    • Constructed using multi layered technology using 90% carbon – 10% glass mix
    • High – Modulus Carbon Graphite Blank (HMCG)
    • Comfortable EVA HD Foam Grips
    • Lightweight yet extremely powerful and sensitive
    • Guide System with Aluminium Oxide Guide
    • High parabolic rod designed to give high speed jigs a positive jig action
    • Butt Join


    Seahawk - Jigmaster - JM Spinning


    Seahawk - Jigmaster - JM ICON


    Seahawk - Jigmaster - JM ICON

  • Monster Jigger III

  • Seahawk - Tournament Power - TP Main

    Tournament Power

    Tournament Power is customised for saltwater jigging. The blank itself is constructed from a hybrid glassco material, lending extreme lifting power to the rod for big game fishing. It comes in both spinning and casting models and is especially suitable in Asia as the common jigging species are game fish such as Spanish Mackerel, Giant Travelly, Dorado & Cobia. The Tournament Power is also excellent for bottom and pond fishing to target species that require good rod resistance such as Red-Tail, Patin & Mekong.


    Seahawk - Tournament Power - TP SPROD


    Seahawk - Tournament Power - TP CSTROD

    Seahawk - Tournament Power - TP Icon

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