Spinning Rod

  • Axxon Spinning Rod

    Axxon (Spinning)

    Combining innovative engineering with the latest in state-of-the-art materials, the next generation of Team Seahawk Axxon Spinning and Baitcasting Rods are new and improved for an even higher level of performance, complete with 24-Ton High-Grade Modulus Blanks and exclusive Fuji components.

    Features :
    • 24T HMCG carbon graphite construction
    • New “Smart Grip” EVA foam sleeve that slips over exposed reel seat for comfort
    • Split grip design with comfortable cork & EVA handle and butt cap grips
    • New concept Fuji “Alconite” conventional guides stainless steel frame
    • Small diameter EVA fore-grip
    • A genuine Fuji® ACS / DPSM reel seat
    • Power : medium-heavy action


    Axxon AX Spinning Spec

    Axxon Spinning Icon

  • Black Bass Spinning Rod

    Black Bass (Spinning)


    Black Bass Spinning Icon

  • Black Stinger Spinning Rod

    Black Stinger (Spinning)

    Team Seahawk Spinning Rod – Black Stinger Feature:
    Designed for lure fishing with the ultimate lightweight sensitivity and strength, this rod is the advanced performance you need for light lines and big fish.

    • High-modulus IM7 graphite blank (IM7)
    • New “Smart Grip” EVA foam sleeve that slips over exposed reel seat for comfort
    • Split grip design with comfortable EVA handle and butt cap grips
    • Fuji conventional guides stainless steel frame
    • A genuine Fuji® ACS/NPS reel seat
    • Decorative screw-down hood
    • Action : medium-heavy action



    Black Stinger Spinning Icon

  • Black Venom (Spinning)

    The Black Venom is designed to be the ultimate lure fishing rod, specially made for medium to heavy cover fishing. This limited edition handmade rod is versatile for both freshwater and saltwater conditions, with a fast action that guarantees excellent sensitivity and solid hook sets.

    The rod features a strong ultra-lightweight blank—only 151g—thanks to Seahawk’s HMCC-30T custom construction, created using a light and perfectly balanced 30-ton high modulus carbon. This specialist rod comes in a two-piece butt joint for maximum portability while still affording the action and backbone power of a ‘one-piece’. As an added bonus, its lower section is further reinforced using multi-layer, multi-directional high modulus carbon for increased lifting power, strength and durability.

  • Brown Stinger Spinning Rod

    Brown Stinger (Spinning)

    Team Seahawk Spinning Rod- Brown Stinger Features :
    • High-modulus IM7 carbon graphite blank (IM7)
    • New “Smart Grip” EVA foam sleeve that slips over exposed reel seat for comfort
    • A genuine Fuji® VSS/ACS reel seat (Made in Japan)



    Brown Stinger Spinning Icon


  • Fujion Spinning Rod

    Fujion (Spinning)

    The Fujion rod series come in both spinning and baitcasting rods with advanced technological performance, improvements and enhancements of innovation.



    Fujion Spinning Icon

  • garo spinning rod


    The Garo spinning rod series feature incredibly sensitive, precisely-balanced blanks and premium components.

    garo spinning rod

    Garo Spinning Icon

  • Genei Spinning Rod (Blue)

    Genei (Spinning)

    The Genei spinning rod series is available in a variety of fun colors for both spinning and baitcasting. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater applications.

    Available Colours: Blue, Pink, Purple

    Genei Spinning Rods Spec

    Genei Spinning Icon

  • Kingu II Spinning Rod

    Kingu II

    The Kingu II spinning rod’s uniquely designed construction makes this rod effortless to cast, sensitive to feel even the slightest strikes thanks to its IM-7 graphite blank and a unique high-volume fiber carbon blank process.

    Kingu II Spinning Rod Features:

    • High quality graphite blank
    • Sensitive, powerful, yet surprisingly lightweight
    • Quality Fuji reel seat
    • Tough Fuji “New Concept” Alconite Guides
    • EVA handle grip

    kingu ii spinning rod

    Kingu II Spinning Icon

  • Monstrous

    Team Seahawk’s Monstrous is a heavy-duty jigging rod with impressive backbone power that’s light and comfortable enough for all-day jigging. With its high-quality HMSC construction, you get greater sensitivity and lightness compared to conventional fiberglass or composite rods. Its butt joint design makes this rod as sensitive and reliable as a one-piece and as easy to carry around and travel with as a two-piece. Additionally, this rod comes fitted with top-notch K-guides to ensure reduced line resistance for a remarkably smooth performance. When it comes to picking an affordable rod with superior balance, comfort and strength that’s powerful enough to battle large predators of the deep, Monstrous is your best bet. What’s more, with its high-quality components, you can expect this rod to last a long time.

    – Designed for heavy duty jigging
    – High quality HMSC (High Modulus Solid Carbon) construction increases rod sensitivity
    – Lightweight blank for all-day jigging comfort
    – Fuji K-Guides reduces line friction for a smooth performance
    – High Density EVA for a firm yet comfortable grip
    – Butt joint
    – Max drag up to 15kg

  • Shin Rod - Spinning- SRS 01

    Shin (Spinning)

    “Innovatively” designed for sports fishing beach casting tournaments, has higher line poundage capabilities and anergonomic full-cork grip for better grip during long distance casting. Matches up perfectly with the new Team Seahawk surf jig reel.


    Shin Rod - Spinning - SRS Spec



  • Shizuoka Spinning

    Shizuoka (Spinning)

    Features :

    High-Modulus IM-7 Graphite Blank
    Lightweight, Extremely Powerful & Sensitive
    Guide System with Fuji New Concept Aluminium Oxide Guides
    Genuine Fuji VSS / ACS Reel Seat
    Suitable for freshwater and saltwater casting applications


    Shizuoka Spinning Icon

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