• Pradco - Bomber - Deep Long A Main

    Deep Long A

    A well-known big fish bait, the Deep long A employs the Long A’s trademark action with a deep diving molded-in lip for durability and out-of-the-package, true-running performance. Especially effective when twitched for early season bass or trolled with precision for walleye and salmon.


    Deep Long A Spec

  • Pradco - Bomber - Fat Free Shad Main

    Fat Free Shad

    A Bassmaster Classic victory and more than $1 million in prize money doesn’t happen by accident. When introduced, this flat-sided deep-runner completely renovated the crankbait market. With an enticing tight action, the Fat Free Shad is responsive with an ease of retrieve never before seen in a bait of its size and running depth.

    Add the latest advances in colour and reflectivity, realistic 3D eyes and XCalibur Tx3 treble hooks and you have the premier deep-diving crankbait on the market.


    Fat Free Shad Spec

  • Pradco - Bomber - FFS Deep Square Lip Main

    FF. Shad Deep Square Lip

    The Bomber Fat Free Shad Deep Square Lip combines the tried-and-true Fat Free Shad body shape with a special square-lip bill that deflects cover like a champ. Adding more snag-free ability is the bait’s nose-down attitude in the water, which positions the hooks behind the big body and keeps them out of trouble. It’s the perfect crankbait for fishing mid-depth cover or structure.


    FFS Deep Square Lip Spec

  • Pradco - Bomber - Long A Main

    Long A

    You won’t catch many pros without a jerkbait rigged, no matter the season. That’s because the minnow imitator is well known as one of the single most-versatile baits. And, the Long A is the best of the best when it comes to replicating a life-like swimming action. With a tight wiggle and castable design, the Long A is equally effective for largemouth, smallmouth, stripers, walleye, trout and pike.


    Long A Spec

  • Pro Long A

    The Suspending Pro Long A is the ultimate Bomber jerkbait. This series was designed with painstaking detail to combine unmatched realism and the industry’s finest components. A bait that’s all about performance, the Suspending Pro Long A is weighted to suspend horizontally. Jerkbait fisherman are notorious for tweaking baits. Here’s a bait that’s tweaked right out of the package.


    Pro Long A Spec

  • Pradco - Bomber - Real Craw - Model A Main

    Real Craw – Model A

    The Bomber Model A Real Craw® is more than a series of super-realistic colour patterns; it’s like an exoskeleton. Not only do the Real Craw Series Model A feature the most detailed, realistic crawfish looks, but the texture produces a more realistic feel. Raised, blood-red crustacean eyes are positioned at the end of the lure for a truly realistic look.


    Real Craw - Model A Spec

  • Pradco - Bomber - Square A Main

    Square A

    Bomber offers three classic crankbaits in modern colour pattern at a price that won’t break the bank. The Square A (sizes 4 and 5) and the Shallow A are truly effective crankbaits that angler depend on to catch fish from the top few feet of the water column. The Square A dives to almost 3 feet, and the lip prompts it to deflect and bounce over shallow cover. The Shallow A is a top-quality finesse wake-bait, and produces a distinct V just under the surface.


    Square A Spec

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