• Big Gamer

    Tackle the giants in the seas with Seahawk’s Big Gamer – a tough 1-piece fiberglass boat rod customised for heavy fishing game. It’s equipped with premium aluminium reel seat and an anti-slip EVA handle offering a sturdy grip while its heavy-duty double leg guides helps to withstand braids and heavy lines. Other key features the Big Gamer holds are sturdy aluminium gimbal to pull up larger fishes and a roller tip to protect your fishing line. An ideal pair for electric fishing reels.

    – Boat rod ideal for deep sea fishing
    – Great pair with electric fishing reels
    – Hollow fiberglass material
    – Premium aluminium reel seat and handle
    – Aluminium gimbal
    – Anti-slip EVA grip
    – Heavy duty, double leg guides
    – Roller tip to protect your line


  • Big Manta

    Step into the saltwater arena with Seahawk’s BIG MANTA. This entry-level big game spinner is a tough contender capable of putting up a ton of power in your cranks (up to 18kg max. drag), thanks to an advanced all-new braking system—TRI-FORCE.

    Seahawk TRI-FORCE applies innovative technology that enables the optimum utilization of brake force to greatly increase pulling power. Combined with Gapless Transmission Mechanism (G.T.M.), BIG MANTA delivers exceptional performance with seriously smooth gear meshing and astounding fluidity.

    Other features include a high-performance military grade aluminum spool and handle with ergonomic high dense EVA power knob, oversized stainless steel main shaft, and an ultra deep spool. Available in sizes 8000 and 10000.

    GET READY for showdown. Here comes a new challenger!

    • High Performance Military Grade Aluminium Spool
    • Anti Twist Line Roller
    • CNC Aluminium Handle with ergonomic EVA Knob
    • Superb Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Computer Balanced System
    • Air Thick Bail
    • Equipped with G.T.M – Gapless Transmission Mechanism
    • Oversize Stainless Steel Main Shaft
    • High Strength Graphite Body
    • Higher Max Drag with Tri-Force Braking System


  • Black Knight

    BLACK KNIGHT enters Seahawk’s range of entry-level spinning reels. This affordable reel for beginners is also packed well-enough with features made for more advanced anglers.

    It features a high-performance anti-reverse and a multi-disc felt drag system with up to 9kg drag force for added control over retrieves and fights. It’s also made sturdy and highly durable thanks to its double anodize forged CNC aluminum spool, round knob, and screw-in handle. An adjustable left-right hand retrieve further expands its versatility to cater to individual fishing preference.

    A dependable fighter that does more than expected.

    • 4 Ball Bearings System
    • High Performance Anti-Reverse
    • Double Anodize Forged Aluminium Spool
    • Mounted with Aluminium Round Knob
    • Felt Multi Disc Drag System
    • CNC Screw-In Aluminium Handle
    • Durable Air Thick Bail
    • Adjustable Left / Right Hand Retrieve



  • Carbon Fury

    Seahawk’s Carbon Fury is the ideal entry-level reel, where affordability meets style & performance. The Carbon Fury features a high strength graphite body that is engineered for durability and performance with specially crafted handle and rubber knob for full control. Other sleek features precise magnetic damping system to assist with the spool’s speed, side cover push lock system and ultra-smooth drag system with a max drag up to 5 kg.

    • Ultra Smooth Drag System.
    • Precision Magnetic Damping System.
    • High Strength Engineered Graphite Body, more Durable and Powerful.
    • Side Cover Push Lock System.
    • Specially Crafted Handle & Rubber Knob.


  • Carbon PRO

    CARBON PRO “Light Meets Might”: Presenting a full carbon fibre body and rotor with CDS carbon drag system offering sufficient power, up to 20kg max drag! Features an aluminium spool, screw in CNC aluminium handle and round knob for further lightness.

    • CNC Aluminium Spool
    • One-Way Clutch Ball Bearing
    • Anti Twist Line Roller
    • Screw-In CNC Aluminium Handle with Aluminium Round Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Computer Balanced System
    • Air Thick Bail
    • Carbon Drag System (CDS)
    • Dual Carbon Concept – Full Carbon Body and Rotor


  • Carbon Pro RX

    Light as a feather but packed with mighty features, Seahawk’s Carbon Pro RX is constructed with full carbon fibre body, offering a lightweight feel without compromising its power, offering a high max drag up to 17 kg! It’s also equipped with 8 shielded ball-bearing system with water-resistant rubber seals to prevent invasion of foreign matter & water, thus prolonging the reel life expectancy & making the Carbon Pro RX a long-lasting keeper. Other key features includes an ergonomic aluminium round knob, direct drive handle system and anti-reverse clutch system.

    • 8 High Performance Shielded Bearing System.
    • Absolute Water Resistant Rubber Seals.
    • Infinite Stainless Steel Anti-Reverse System.
    • Light as Feather High Strength Carbon Body and Rotor.
    • CDS – Carbon Fiber Drag System.
    • Direct Drive Screw-in Aluminium Handle.
    • Egronomic Aluminum Round Knob.



  • Seahawk - Carp-X Pert - CXP Main


    It is made from premium material made in Japan it has:

    • Superior knot strength resist impact of sudden strike
    • Low Stretching
    • Superior abrasion resistance
    • UV Ray resistance




  • Caspian Ark

    Boasting an eye-catching metallic red & gold body with all the premium features you need; the Caspian Ark spinning reel is not to be missed. Strikingly beautiful inside out, this state-of-the-art hybrid reel is equipped with high-speed gears for buttery smooth retrievals & a loud built-in clicker so you’ll miss no catch with this beast.

    The Caspian Ark is also crafted with aircraft grade aluminum body for extreme durability. The oiled felt multi-disc tournament drag together with the 7 double shielded stainless steel ball bearings offers higher max drag up to 12kg and exceptional strength, all ready for an extreme fish duel in both fresh & saltwater alike.

    • High Speed Gears
    • Hybrid Reel
    • Lightweight Skeletal Graphite Rotor
    • Durable Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body
    • Loud Clicker
    • Oiled Felt Multi-Disc Tournament Drag System – TDS
    • 7 Shielded Ball Bearings
    • Max Drag up to 12kg
    • Great for both fresh & saltwater
    • Ergonomic Aluminium Round Knob
    • Available in 2 sizes: 4000HG & 5000HG


  • Chinu Ringed SE (Tanto)

    Seahawk Tanto’s Chinu Ringed SE hooks are wickedly sharp, with maximum holding capacity. Featuring a super sharp beaked design with a reversed point for optimised angle of penetration, these hooks pierce effortlessly and grip firmly. The beaked design turns straight away and stays firmly in position to “lock” fish in for an effective hold, while the reversed point further prevents escape. Made for high reliability and performance for novice to professional anglers alike.

    Seahawk Tanto’s range of hooks are forged from the finest high carbon steel for maximum durability, strength, and sharpness.

    Features :
    – Forged
    – SE – Straight Eye
    – Reversed
    – Needle-sharp beaked point
    – Excellent for “barbless” fishing situations
    – Strong high carbon steel for superior durability
    – Higher hook up rate, no matter the angle
    – Corrosion-resistant coating for saltwater applications
    – Dark coating for less visibility even in clear waters
    – Chemically sharpened


  • Coast 44T

    With a little bit of rod work, the Coast 44T easily performs most basic performances ranging from popping, retrieving, stop-and-go, to creating natural fish-attracting zig-zagging action. What’s more, its aerodynamically shaped construction also makes it an excellent choice for long casting. If you’re looking for a pencil popper that is an excellent all-rounder, look no

  • Combat Stik

    Combat the waters with Seahawk’s latest entry-level rod; Combat Stik. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, this fast action rod is an affordable fit for all.

    The Combat Stik features heavy cover casting with high lifting power and swift action, making this this a powerful rod a value for its price. It’s also equipped with high density EVA foam grip for comfort handling and a newly designed reel seat a smooth and seamless casting experience.

    It is available in one-section for superior performance or a separable two-sections that are optimised for travels and easy storage.


  • Seahawk - Crawfish - CRAW 01


    A slim & ultra-tough rod, the Craw Fish is close to unbreakable. Its solid fibre-glass blank provides superb bend throughout the rod. This rod is perfect for saltwater techniques such as bottom, trolling, & vertical jigging. It comes in medium and medium heavy range of up to 18-35lb .





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