Casting Rod

  • King Iguana (Casting)

    KING IGUANA is an entry-level jigging rod specifically made for anglers looking for a strong yet affordable option.
    KING IGUANA sports sufficient lifting power in a thin and lightweight solid carbon blank—courtesy of Seahawk NanoLite tech. The blank is innovatively made to be flexible enough to bend during fights, and strong enough to withstand the pulling might from saltwater species such as Grouper and GTs.
    Venture out into the world of jigging with KING IGUANA!


  • Seahawk - Kossori - KS Main (C)

    Kossori (Casting)

    Seahawk - Kossori - KS Spec (C)


    Seahawk - Kossori - KS Icon (C)

  • Nemexus (Casting)

    Tempted to go full carbon, but just not quite ready to commit to the high price? Enter NEMEXUS—made for anglers wanting the feel and performance of a pure carbon, without the hefty price tag.

    NEMEXUS features a blank constructed using a blend of 80/20 carbon-to-fiberglass ratio. You get the best benefits of a full carbon rod, without its disadvantages—light and highly sensitive, without the high brittleness of full carbon, for 1/3 the price.

    What’s more, its wide variety of power ratings—from ultra-light to medium heavy—make it versatile for a range of fishing applications. You’re sure to find one that suits your fishing style.

    Excellent paired with the NEMEXUS fishing reel.

    • Affordable entry-level rod that feels & performs almost like full carbon
    • Fine-tuned blank construction of 80/20 carbon-to-fiberglass ratio
    • Light and sensitive blank enables quick reaction to bites
    • Less brittle than regular full carbon
    • Versatile with a wide variety of power ratings


  • Predator-X (Casting)

  • Seahawk - Provider - PRO 01C

    Provider (Casting)

    The Provider rod utilises a carbon-graphite hybrid blank for a lighter and more enhanced casting experience in both duration and performance. As a result, this rod weighs only 109g in total and provides a superb casting distance. Its moderate action makes it easy for hook-ups targetting species such as hampala (sebarau), peacock bass, & knife fish (belida). This rod is also suitable for pond fishing to target carp species like rohu, tongsan & patin (silver catfish).


    Seahawk - Provider - PRO Casting Spec

    Seahawk - Provider - PRO IconC

  • Rover Lite (Casting)

    Superior, powerful & light to the hands, Seahawk’s Rover Lite Rod is the perfect balance between impeccable strength & sensitivity. Developed with lightweight 30T carbon fibre blank construction, one can expect the Rover Lite rod to deliver high bending power yet maintaining an excellent skeletal strength, powered with great absorbing action to tackle any strong fish in the sea. Its shorter handle design creates a smoother casting experience with maximum sensitivity so you’ll miss no catch with this beast.


  • Ryoku (Casting)

    RYOKU rod series is an entry level fishing rod with a good all-round fishing and casting action. Its innovative M-tuned construction offers a strong 30T carbon-fiberglass hybrid blank with ample sensitivity. Ideal for beginner-level anglers, this affordable and robust rod is capable enough to handle larger game fish, with a two-piece design for easy transport and storage.

    Available in both spinning and casting from medium to heavy action, in various lengths to suit a variety of fishing style and preference.


  • Stinger-X

  • Tournament Pro (Casting)

    Be a fishing champion with Seahawk Fishing’s Tournament Pro Rod, specially tailored to tackle medium heavy to heavy pond fishing game. Wielded with high-density EVA handle, first class VSS Reel Seat and premium K-Guide ring, this trio combined delivers a powerful fast action rod with utmost comfort & sensitivity in any anglers’ hand.

    Its 24-Ton hollow carbon blank body offers a balanced combination of lightness, strength & sensitivity for an optimum fishing experience.

    The Tournament Pro also features a lightweight design and comes in two-piece butt joint design optimised for easy storage whilst offering an impeccable strength & lifting power comparable to a one-piece rod.

    Available in both spinning & casting.


  • Seahawk - Vantage - VANT 01C

    Vantage (Casting)

    • Medium heavy action
    • High-modulus carbon graphite blanks (HMCG)
    • Durable EVA foam grips
    • Lightweight EVA split grips for reduced weight

    Seahawk - Vantage - VANT SpecC


    Seahawk - Vantage - VANT IconC

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