• Seahawk - Angel X-Deep 75 - AXD 01Main

    Angel X-Deep 75

    Seahawk - Angel X-Deep 75 - AXD Spec 1

    Seahawk - Angel X-Deep 75 - AXD Icon

  • Angel X-Deep II

    The Angel X-Deep range now comes in 85mm with increased dive depth. Just like its predecessor, X-Deep, the X-Deep II is crafted with enhanced aerodynamics for superb diving abilities and lifelike swimming action in a range of attractive colours that’s sure to attract the attention of fish hiding deep below waters and draw them out to strike.




  • Seahawk - Chubby 50 - CHU 01Main

    Chubby 50

    Seahawk - Chubby 50 - CHU SpecaSeahawk - Chubby 50 - CHU Icon

  • Seahawk - Echo 40 - ECH main

    Echo 40

    ECHO 40 is a superb hunter for targeting grouper species. This model, weighing 5.5g with a dive depth of up to 1.5m, is made for cranking along rocky areas with groupers hiding beneath the surface. The ball bearing inside the lure gives it an attractive life-like swim action that is sure to entice groupers.



    Seahawk - Echo 40 - ECH Spec


    Seahawk - Echo 40 - ECH Icon

  • Seahawk - Sonic 48 - Son Main

    Sonic 48

    SONIC 48 is almost similar to its brother the ECHO 40, only exception being that this model is made to target even larger groupers with its size of 48mm . For more windy or gusty spots, this model would be a more suitable pick than the ECHO 40 due to its heavier weight of 7.6g. The SONIC 48 features a crank depth of up to 5m; a surefire way to lure out all the giants lurking beneath the surface!


    Seahawk - Sonic 48 - Son Spec

    Seahawk - Sonic 48 - Son Icon

  • Seahawk - Superdive 120 - Sup Main

    Superdive 120

    SEAHAWK Big Strike premium lures are of the utmost quality valued by anglers all over the world.

    Our lures undergo skilled engineering using the latest in angling technology derived from years of thorough research and experience expertly crafted into specific well-balanced shapes complete with lifelike reaction and a wide range of striking colours. Experience premium quality at its finest.


    Seahawk - Superdive 120 - Sup Spec

    Seahawk - Superdive 120 - Sup Icon

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