Fishing Rod

  • Seahawk - Superior Stik 2 - SS II 01

    Superior Stik 2

    Seahawk - Superior Stik 2 - SS II Spec


    Seahawk - Superior Stik 2 - SS II Icon

  • Team Seahawk-Tagiwa Casting Rod

    Tagiwa (Casting)

    The new engineered Tagiwa rods comes with a lighter and softer tip action which help provide flex allowance that is required when using braided lines


    Team Seahawk-Tagiwa Casting Rod Spec


    Team Seahawk-Tagiwa Casting Rod Icon

  • Tamashi II Casting Rod

    Tamashii II (Casting)

    Tamashii II Baitcasting RodsTamashii II Casting Rod Icon

  • Tamashii II Spinning Rod

    Tamashii II (Spinning)

    Tamashii II Spinning Specs

    Tamashii II Spinning Rod Icon

  • Seahawk - Telepax 2 - TEL Main

    Telepac II

    This fishing rod is made from carbon fiber, strong and durable. With the features of goods elasticity and strong heavy capacity. Adjustable length fishing rod for situations where full-size fishing gear is inconvenient.
    Best suitable for fishing from the shore, reefs and rocks on trips and vacations. Comes with the pad for comfortable holding.


    Seahawk - Telepax 2 - TEL Spec


    Seahawk - Telepax 2 - TEL Icon

  • Seahawk - Telesurf - TSF 01


    The Telesurf is crafted using a full Carbon Graphite body that packs in more lifting power and higher sensitivity compared to the average rod. We took note of the feedback from our customers and designed a telescopic rod that is travel-friendly; with foldable ring guides that take up even less space!
    Comes equipped with anti-slip grip, quality reel seat and butt for perfect balancing.


    Seahawk - Telesurf - TSF Spec


    Seahawk - Telesurf - TSF Icon

  • Seahawk - Tiger Power - SBW 01

    Tiger Power

    Seahawk - Tiger Power - SBW Spec


    Seahawk - Tiger Power - SBW 06

  • Seahawk - Tournament Power - TP Main

    Tournament Power

    Tournament Power is customised for saltwater jigging. The blank itself is constructed from a hybrid glassco material, lending extreme lifting power to the rod for big game fishing. It comes in both spinning and casting models and is especially suitable in Asia as the common jigging species are game fish such as Spanish Mackerel, Giant Travelly, Dorado & Cobia. The Tournament Power is also excellent for bottom and pond fishing to target species that require good rod resistance such as Red-Tail, Patin & Mekong.


    Seahawk - Tournament Power - TP SPROD


    Seahawk - Tournament Power - TP CSTROD

    Seahawk - Tournament Power - TP Icon

  • Seahawk - True Temper - STT 01

    True Temper

    Seahawk - True Temper - Spec


    Seahawk - True Temper - Icon

  • Seahawk - Tuna Power ll - TPWll Red 1

    Tuna Power II

    The Tuna Power II rod is constructed using solid fiber-glass. This makes for an economical rod that, while being friendly to your wallet, is still mighty tough on big fish. The rod flexes in a parabolic curve—meaning the entire rod bends from butt to tip—when lifting weight at the end of the line, making this rod practically unbreakable with its slow-medium class action.

    A perfect choice for anglers who want a wallet-friendly, durable rod that lasts.


    Seahawk - Tuna Power ll - TPWll Spec


    Seahawk - Tuna Power ll - TPWll Icon

  • Seahawk - Vantage - VANT 01C

    Vantage (Casting)

    • Medium heavy action
    • High-modulus carbon graphite blanks (HMCG)
    • Durable EVA foam grips
    • Lightweight EVA split grips for reduced weight

    Seahawk - Vantage - VANT SpecC


    Seahawk - Vantage - VANT IconC

  • Seahawk - Vantage - VANT 01S

    Vantage (Spinning)

    Seahawk - Vantage - VANT SpecS


    Seahawk - Vantage - VANT IconS

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