Flurocarbon Line

  • Fluorocarbon (100% Pure Fluorocarbon)



    Maxima’s Fluorocarbon lines contain a low refractive material with non-flash components totally invisible to fish in the water. A new polymer structure enhances the sensitivity of the line and gives Maxima extraordinary castability. The special finish is additionally treated with a UV-protection extending the line’s useful life.


    Like all Maxima lines, Maxima Fluorocarbon is exceptionally strong and reliable under all conditions.


    Maxima Fluorocarbon Spec



    Maxima - Fluorocarbon - FLU Colour

  • Ginro Fluorocarbon

    Ginro FC

    • Virtually invisible in water
    • Super tough line to stand sudden shock
    • Ultimate knot strength
    • Low water absorption
    • High abrasion resistant



    Seahawk - Ginro FC - GFC Spec 1


    Seahawk - Ginro FC - GFC Icon

  • Invisible Pink

    Specially developed for boat fishing, ASSO INVISIBLE PINK gives the angler the typical invisibility of fluorocarbon and the advantage of the unique pink shade, the first colour to disapear under the water. Its improved high abrasion resistance makes it the ideal leader material for all boat fishing application.

    Asso Invisible Pink Spec


    Asso - Invisible Pink - IPK Colour

  • Ultra Cast

    Asso Ultra Cast Spec


    Asso - Ultra Cast - UCT Colour

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