• Seahawk - Crystal Pen Squid Jig - CPSJ Main

    Crystal Pen Squid Jig

    Seahawk - Crystal Pen Squid Jig - CPSJ Spec


    Seahawk - Crystal Pen Squid Jig - CPSJ Icon

  • Diamond Minnow

    Seahawk’s DIAMOND MINNOW in the Big Strike lure series is designed to glitter and glint like no other, increasing visibility even in murky or muddy waters.

    The DIAMOND MINNOW’s diamond-like display is thanks to an innovative ultra-reflective, prism finishing which enables it to bounce, reflect and magnify the tiniest bit of light underwater within its dive depth of 1 meter. This eye-catching feature combines with its distractively sporadic side-to-side swimming action, making it a powerhouse of attraction for all types of game fish.


  • GT Popper

    This surface popper is designed for targeting big predators such as trevally, mackerel and more. Made highly durable to withstand tough fishing environments, this topwater lure is also rigged with extra sharp Mustad treble hooks to help you land more fish and increase hookup rates.



  • Island Spoon - TC04 - S

    Island Spoon

  • Seahawk - Jumper Soft Lure - JSL Main

    Live Shrimp With Leaded Worm Hook

    • Easy Use
    • Perfect design can increase your catches
    • Shrimp-resembled body can confuse the predators.


    Seahawk - Live Shrimp - ZR Spec

  • Musha Becker Jig

    If you’re looking for a versatile solid metal lure, look no further because Team Seahawk’s Musha Becker Jigs is the perfect choice for you. Suitable for retrieving, casting or even jigging, this premium all-round Musha Becker Jigs are tuned for optimum balance and performance, making this the ultimate new partner in your fishing journey.

    Its colourful, reflective body and tantalising dive upon hitting water appeals to anything that swims, making it a great choice to lure both small and larger species of any kind. Musha Becker Jigs are also great in fluttering actions which helps in improving long-distance casting, especially when fishing off beach or rocky areas. Its luminous and heavy metal body always ensures that it is stable in any water conditions it may face.


  • 141 - BS

    Musha Metal Jig 141

    Musha Lures - 141

    Musha 141 Lures Icon

  • 143 - B

    Musha Metal Jig 143

    Musha Lures - 143

    Musha 143 Lures Icon

  • Seahawk - Peacock Bass 45S - PBS Main 1

    Peacock Bass 45S

    The Peacock Bass sinking lure is an all-rounder. Its intricately designed with a finishing that closely resembles the scale on fish. Great for targeting species such as Peacock Bass and Tarpon. Troll it under the riverbed to imitate injured small fish and watch the strikes come!


    Seahawk - Peacock Bass 45S - PBS Spec


    Seahawk - Peacock Bass 45S - PBS Icon

  • Seahawk - Predator 75 - PRR Main

    Predator 75

    The Predator lure is designed specifically to target the aggravation and feeding impulse of predator fish. It closely mimics small bait fish that bigger predators love hunting for. All colours are specially chosen according to lures with the highest strike rates. Use this jerk-bait for some topwater twitching and jerking to aggravate fish to the surface and entice strikes.


    Seahawk - Predator 75 - PRR Spec


    Seahawk - Predator 75 - PRR Icon

  • Seahawk - Sexy Slider 75 - SSR Main

    Sexy Slider 75

    As its name suggests, the Sexy Slider swims with a wide sliding zig-zagging action. Designed with a slim aerodynamic body, this lure is made for distance and speed for long precise casts. Its easy size makes it suitable for attracting a wide range of fish such as Snakehead, Peacock Bass, Temesis, Sebarau and Tarpon. Available in a range of irresistible colours.


    Seahawk - Sexy Slider 75 - SSR Spec


    Seahawk - Sexy Slider 75 - SSR Icon

  • Seahawk - Sinking Barra 85S - SBA Main

    Sinking Barra 85S

    This is the #1 lure for targetting Barramundi and Giant Trevally. Its slow-sinking action allows this lure to reach specific depths in deeper places. With a built-in wobble, this lure creates a vibrating frequency to draw strikes while sinking. Designed in a range of colours selected specifically to target the appetite of big Barramundi and Trevally.


    Seahawk - Sinking Barra 85S - SBA Spec


    Seahawk - Sinking Barra 85S - SBA Icon

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