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    Seahawk - Atlas - ATL Spec a

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  • Barra Spook

    BARRA SPOOK 100T, Seahawk’s latest addition to its Big Strike lure range, is a revolutionary topwater lure made to be the ultimate “Cast, Charm, Capture”.

    It features a fortified thinner wall lining that creates greater air volume within the body. This allows for greater buoyancy while its aerodynamically enhanced shape gives it superior casting range.

    The BARRA SPOOK 100T comes with two weights within its body: one fixed, another free moving in a linear pattern. This creates a distinctively realistic and irresistible swimming action to charm nearby game fish, in combination with a shrill come-hither sound that’s able to reach, attract and lure out fish hiding a distance away.


  • Cross Bones 80

  • Seahawk - Darkstar Shad 85 - DSD 01Main

    Darkstar Shad 85

    Seahawk - Darkstar Shad 85 - DSD Spec a

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  • Diamond Minnow Deep

    Seahawk’s Diamond Minnow Deep is the latest addition to the Big Strike lure series. As with its predecessors, its glimmer and shiny body increases visibility in murky waters and now with the added ability to dive a deeper depth of 2 meters combined with its life-like swimming action, the Diamond Minnow Deep will be sure to attract larger preys. Available in assorted eye-catching colours.


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    Minnow Lures (TMXN)

    Seahawk - Minnow - MIN Spec a

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  • Mystic

    Seahawk’s MYSTIC in the Big Strike lure series is designed to perform like a regular pencil lure, but in a more compact size for increased castability and accuracy. It features a spherical chin on the front, combined with free moving weights at the back. These components allow the MYSTIC 65 to create a much bigger presentation and distraction in the fields to quickly attract fish, despite its tiny size.


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    Peacock Bass 45S

    The Peacock Bass sinking lure is an all-rounder. Its intricately designed with a finishing that closely resembles the scale on fish. Great for targeting species such as Peacock Bass and Tarpon. Troll it under the riverbed to imitate injured small fish and watch the strikes come!


    Seahawk - Peacock Bass 45S - PBS Spec


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  • Raider Jointed Minnow

    The Raider Jointed Minnow is designed with a jointed body that provides more action than a solid body lure, mimicking a life-like bait movement in the water to entice stubborn preys. Its reflective body and large 3D red eyes also functions to attract different preys in many water conditions. Available in assorted eye-catching colours.



  • Seahawk - Stardust 120 - STD Main

    Stardust 120

    SEAHAWK Big Strike premium lures are of the utmost quality valued by anglers all over the world.

    Our lures undergo skilled engineering using the latest in angling technology derived from years of thorough research and experience expertly crafted into specific well-balanced shapes complete with lifelike reaction and a wide range of striking colours. Experience premium quality at its finest.


    Seahawk - Stardust 120 - STD Spec

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  • Surfer 3527

  • Seahawk - Wizard - WIZ Main


    Seahawk’s Wizard 125/150 lure is not only excellent for trolling, but also terrific as a casting lure for big salt and fresh water species. The tapered “tail” of the lure is designed to improve aerodynamics for an easy casting. The lure easily sinks to the depth stated on the packaging (3.5-5m depending on model). For trolling, the buoyancy of the lure and its tail is designed to increase the chance of the lure to loosen itself from snags when the line is allowed to slack off. This feature is an essential when trolling areas of structure.

    Tip: For a faster trolling speed, simply remove the center hook. Heavier hooks like Seahawk’s 2/0’s can be used on the front and back hook hanger. Do not put heavier hooks on the center hanger to avoid upsetting the balance of the lure.



    Seahawk - Wizard - WIZ Spec 125


    Seahawk - Wizard - WIZ Spec 150


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