Monofilament Line

  • AAA - A1


    Features :
    高性能 & 超コストパフォーマンス。
    • Quality performance at an affordable price
    • Monofilament fishing line








  • Big Strike - BIG 1

    Big Strike Hi-Tech Copolymer Line

    Feature :
    • Superior strength
    • Excellent toughness & durable
    • Outstanding performance fishing line
    • Ultimate knot strength


    Seahawk - Big Strike - BIG Spec


    Seahawk - Big Strike - BIG Icon


  • Seahawk - Carp-X Pert - CXP Main


    It is made from premium material made in Japan it has:

    • Superior knot strength resist impact of sudden strike
    • Low Stretching
    • Superior abrasion resistance
    • UV Ray resistance




  • Maxima - Chameleon- CHA Colour


    Maxima’s exclusive Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the colour of the surroundings, for invisibility in water that is cloudy or lightly stained. Designed for freshwater lakes and rivers, this line has the toughest finish of all line brands on the market.


    It is ideal for casting and flipping around rocks, brush and other snags. The incredible abrasion resistance also makes Chameleon the best choice for fishing rock-strewn rivers, especially for salmon, steelhead and walleye. Chameleon works perfectly on baitcasting and conventional reels.


    This line makes it an ideal fly leader material, especially for the butt section of tapered leaders.


    Maxima Chameleon 10yds Spec

    Chameleon 6 X 100m Spec

    Chameleon 1000m Spec


    Maxima - Chameleon- CHA Colour

  • Dewpoint Nylon

    Line Specifications
    – Matte White Finishing
    – Hard Profile Mono Line



  • Dispenser Big Game Chameleon

    Maxima Dispenser Big Game Chameleon Spec


    Maxima - Fluorocarbon - FLU Main

  • Economy - ECY 1




    Economy - ECY Icon


    Seahawk - Economy - ECY Spec

  • Seahwak - Mono Line -Gamma - sub-cat-main


    Premium all rounded line for diverse fields of application. The GAMMA combines a relatively slight stretch with a superior knot strength. Top price-performance ratio.

    • Superior knot strength
    • Little stretching
    • High abrasion resistance



    Seahawk - Gamma - GAM Spec 100


    Seahawk - Gamma - GAM Spec 150

  • Maxima - IGFA Class - IGFA Main

    IGFA Class Line (Tournament Silver)

    IGFA Class Lina is manufactured to meet the requirements of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Maxima IGFA Class Line is for record seekers and those fishing in tournaments operating under IGFA rules – which state that a line is not to break over the specified lb-test category.


    This premium monofilament line helped Donny L. Smith catch a gulf grouper of 110 lb., 14oz. on IGFA rated Maxima line. An IGFA all-tackle world record!



    Maxima IGFA Class Spec


    Maxima - IGFA Class - IGFA Colour

  • Lycosa

    Lycosa parallel winding DPLS fishing line is well known for its high performance with a quality and price that can’t be beat. This is an ultra superpower nylon fishing line that is soft and supple, knots really well, excellent strength that casts superbly well with no tangles. Suitable for depth fishing, jigging, and freshwater/saltwater fishing.



    Lycosa - TSLY Spec


    Lycosa - TSLY Col

  • Maxima - Marine Green - MGN Main

    Marine Green

    Like all Maxima fishing lines, Marine Green is manufactured through an advanced line extrusion technology that transforms nylon of the purest form into monofilaments of highest quality level.


    Although limp for easy castability, Marine Green retains outstanding toughness with the kind of high-durability finish that has long been the hallmark of Maxima lines. Its superior abrasion resistance allows for safe handling of fish even over roughest ground and under toughest conditions.


    Maxima Marine Green (100m x 6) Spec

    Maxima Marine Green (300m) Spec

    Maxima Marine Green (600m) Spec


    Maxima - Marine Green - MGN Colour

  • Meiji

    It is made from premium material made in Japan it has:

    • Superior knot strength resist impact of sudden strike
    • Low Stretching
    • Superior abrasion resistance
    • UV Ray resistance


    Seahawk - Meiji - MEI Spec


    Seahawk - Meiji - MEI Icon

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