• Phantom 68

    The Phantom 68 is a topwater lure that comes in an ideal baitfish size of 68mm. Its slim body is aerodynamically enhanced to increase casting distance. The lure’s built-in ball bearing also creates a series of distractive rattles to drive fish crazy.

    An excellent choice for targeting freshwater species such as Tarpon, Snakehead, Hampala, Temesis, Peacock Bass and also saltwater species such as Barramundi, Talawa, GT and MJ.

    Features :
    • Topwater lure
    • Built-in ball bearing creates distractive rattling that drives fish crazy
    • Aerodynamically shaped for super long casts
    • Fitted with ultra sharp Mustad hooks
    • UV-coated for night fishing and increased visibility in dark murky waters
    • Tank-tested and proven effective
    • Target species (freshwater): Tarpon, Snakehead, Hampala, Temesis,
    Peacock Bass
    • Target species (saltwater): Barramundi, Talawa, GT and MJ



  • Seahawk - Pilot 90 - PIL Main

    Pilot 90

    SEAHAWK Big Strike premium lures are of the utmost quality valued by anglers all over the world.

    Our lures undergo skilled engineering using the latest in angling technology derived from years of thorough research and experience expertly crafted into specific well-balanced shapes complete with lifelike reaction and a wide range of striking colours. Experience premium quality at its finest.



    Seahawk - Pilot 90 - PIL Spec


    Seahawk - Pilot 90 - PIL Icon

  • Seluang 45T

    SeluangSELUANG 45T
    The Seluang 45T is designed to mimic the movement of small bait fish. With its lifelike finishing and natural swimming action, it easily catches the attention of predatory fish such as snakehead, haruan, sebarau, peacock bass and barracuda.

  • Silent Killer

    The Silent Killer is a wonderful topwater pencil lure that is an excellent for targeting Snakeheads species. The UV coating helps to increase clarity both day and night-time fishing, making it visible even in the murkiest waters. Its aerodynamic design also leads to an increased casting distance for a much satisfying fishing experience. Available in 2 sizes – 16g and 20g in assorted eye-catching colours.


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