• Pradco - Smithwick - Devil House Main

    Devil’s Horse

    The Devil’s Horse is a classic prop-equipped handcrafted wood lure. The unique buoyancy of wood combined with two carefully balanced, surface-churning propellers duplicate the unique commotion of fleeing shad to produce rod-busting strikes from surface-feeding fish.


    Devil House Spec

  • Pradco - Smithwick - Floating Rattlin' Rogue Main

    Floating Rattlin’ Rogue

    The Smithwick Floating Rattlin’ Rogue is truly a classic – a legendary lure that’s produced million of fish over the decades. The Rattlin’ Rogue has a loud rattle to “call” fish and moves with the rolling side-to-side motion of a wounded baitfish. Cast or trolled, Rattlin’ Rogues draw the attention of many kinds of gamefish, including bass, walleyes, stripers and trout. Special Rattlin’ Rogue colors have been carefully designed to match various models’ most common uses, so be sure to consult color listings.


    FRR spec

  • Pradco - Smithwick - Suspending Rattlin’ Rogue Main

    Suspending Rattlin’ Rogue

    The Rogue’s action is legendary, but fish are more pressured than ever, and that means anglers must perfectly match exactly what a fish wants. Smithwick® makes it easy with eight translucent colour patterns that complement a lineup of paint jobs that you’ve trusted for years. Smithwick® created a special semi-transparent body that highlights the base colours and heightens the reflective scale properties, so you get maximum flash to attrach fish from a distance, yet the bait retains its realistic look close up. The result is simply the most-effective jerkbait on the water.


    Suspending Rattlin’ Rogue Spec

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