squid jig

  • Rattler EGI

    Seahawk Rattler Egi increases hook-up rates by attracting squids from multiple angles: “sight” and “sound”. Using the latest technology in squid fishing, Rattler Egi comes in a striking array of unique eye-catching colour combinations that have been proven to visually stimulate squids—even in murky waters—thanks to its glow-in-the-dark feature. This jig comes ergonomically shaped with built-in rattlers to further entice squids to strike. The jig also comes with ultra sharp high quality hooks that quickly penetrate for immediate hook-ups, ready for strikes at any moments notice.


  • Seahawk - SYQ 1008 - SYQ Main

    Yashita (SYQ-1008-L/P)

    Seahawk - SYQ 1008 - SYQ Spec a

    Seahawk - SYQ 1008 - SYQ Icon

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