Few lures can switch from walleye mode to smallmouth mode to zander mode to “whatever is biting” mode like the Bandit B-Shad. This slender minnow/jerkbait blends a bunch of fish-catching characteristics into the ultimate bait. At 3-1/2-inches in length it’s the right size for a wide variety of fish, and the trolling depth of 10 feet puts it right where fish live. Tough, durable and true-running right out of the package – that’s universal perfection!

• Perfect trolling lure for walleyes, zander, smallmouth and other gamefish.
• Sized right for multi-species.
• Color range covers all water conditions.
• Molded-in lip for toughness, durability and true-running right out of the pack.


B-Shad Spec

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