Harnessing decades of Japanese-inspired design and expertise, we bring you the Team Seahawk Blitzkrieg series bass rods. This rod is best for avid anglers targeting game fish such as the Peacock Bass. It utilizes the latest innovation of Japanese carbon material technology; primarily X-Wrap carbon layers to prevent twisting of the blank for greater strength, sensitivity and hook setting power.


The BKG-C67L is built to deliver confidence and control to your hands. It is factory-balanced and tuned with a soft, responsive tip and backbone power for finesse presentations. It is designed and built with a fast taper blank for accurate casting and pitching presentations from jigs and worms to sparse, light covers. It is also ideally suited for other finesse presentations such as finesse hair jigs, small paddle tail swimbaits, light Texas-rigs, dropshot rigs, small tubes or even wacky rigs.


Designed with a fast taper for casting and pitching jigs and worms to cover, the smooth loading blank is also ideally suited for Techniques of finesse / Finesse Hair Jigs / Light Texas Rigs / Dartheads / Dropshopt Rigs / Gitzits / Shaky Heads / Tubes / Wacky Rigged Worms


The BKG-C610M is designed for power and versatility in mind. Built with 6’ 10”, medium fast taper blank, this rod is designed for accurate, close-quarter presentation with backbone power to deliver better hook sets and performance for spinnerbaits. It is also ideally suited for lipless crankbaits, swim jigs, Texas-rigs, weightless worms or even larger jerkbaits.

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