Gachiri 8X Braided Line

Seahawk Gachiri 8X braid delivers incredible strength, high abrasion resistance with outstanding knot strength, and heightened sensitivity, all without a premium price. Gachiri 8X uses a modern braiding technology consisting of an 8-yarn round construction. This process creates tighter woven fibers in a slimmer, rounder profile compared to many other braids. Its smooth surface ensures a sleek continuous castability and increased durability. Comes in a wide range of colours to suit a variety of fishing situations and needs.

• 3S Profile: Slim, Smooth and Super strong
• 100% PE fiber from Japan
• 8-ply tightly woven fibers form perfectlya round profile
• Smooth coating delivers high durability and a smoother cast
• Optimal strength and abrasion resistance
• Wide variety of colours



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