Gachiri 8X Royal Cast Braid Line

Seahawk Gachiri 8X Royal Cast takes precision angling to a whole new level. It offers superior castability, excellent sensitivity, and long-lasting coloration-at an affordable price. Constructed of GX8 HMPE fibers, a high tech high-molecular polyethylene fiber, it features a rounder, smoother profile than standard braids. You can expect an ultra-smooth cast that glides effortlessly and silently through guides for incredible casting distance, accuracy and impressive lure action.

Additionally, the Gachiri 8X Royal Cast’s 8-strands are treated with an innovative Color-Lock coating process to deliver an incredibly smooth finishing for superior abrasion resistance and enhanced colour-retention. You get long-lasting colour that resists fading, even after submerged underwater. Applicable for fresh and saltwater, for both spinning and casting reels.

Spool up with the Gachiri 8X Royal Cast and fish with confidence, for less.

• Tough and Abrasion Resistance – Slice Through Vegetation.
• Zero Memory and Zero Stretch.
• Thin GX8 UHMPE (Ultra High Molecular PE Fibers)
Fibers Provide High Strength and Sensitivity.
• Excellent Strength to Diameter Ratio.
• Unparalleled Silky Smooth with Its Micro Pitch Round
Braiding Technology.
• Advanced Color Locked Technology.


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