Hira Treble RB 3X Strong (Tanto)

Seahawk Tanto’s Hira Treble RB 3X Strong hooks feature an ultra-sharp “Diamond” cut point that’s chemically sharpened to offer long lasting sharpness. This unique point offers a more efficient design for quicker and easier penetration regardless of angle or lure position—even tough mouth parts—with minimal damage to fish. This also results in higher hook up rates with better holding capacity to prevent fish from escaping. Its strong short shank makes it also ideal for arming small sized lures, with a matte finish to create stealth even in clear waters. Made for high reliability and performance for novice to professional anglers alike.

Seahawk Tanto’s range of hooks are forged from the finest high carbon steel for maximum durability, strength, and sharpness.

– Forged
– 3X strong
– 2X large ring accommodates wide variety of knots
– Ultrasharp “Diamond” cut point easily penetrates tough mouth parts
– Unique point is designed for minimal damage to fish
– Short shank is also ideal for smaller lures
– Barbed tips prevent escape
– Strong high carbon steel for superior durability
– Higher hook up rate, no matter the angle
– Corrosion-resistant coating for saltwater applications
– Matte finish reduces glare in clear water conditions
– Chemically sharpened


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