Hydra 55S

The Hydra 55S lure is a Game Changer in a league of its own.

Combining the best features of a popper and pencil, this lure is the ultimate all-rounder that features unlimited possibilities covering topwater, floating, and bottom action.

Using various methods, this lure can create unsurpassed surface tension similar to a topwater lure using a fast retrieval; suspend real close to shallow weedbeds and rocks thanks to its first-of-its-kind ‘negative lip’; and even shimmy falling, during which its internal weights activate an enticing tight rolling and wobbling action. The weights also help this lure reach an astonishing casting distance with light tackle despite its size, making the Hydra 55S lure a top choice even for offshore fishing, where it’s usually difficult to use jig heads and floating minnows. All that plus an ultra-lifelike finishing make this lure a terrific tackle to target a broad range of fish from great distances and depths.

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