Hyperion 16X

Groundbreaking Japan technology and the first of its kind in the fishing industry, the Team Seahawk Hyperion 16-strand braided fishing line is an exceptionally strong high-impact braided line with remarkable high tensile and knot strength.


The exterior of the line is coated with a layer of protective lining to prevent discoloration and to maximize endurance.


The skillfully engineered 16-strand of the Hyperion is made in a high-density weave which results in unparalleled abrasion resistance, ultra-fine and incomparable smoothness, enabling more line to be loaded into a spool making the line perfect for offshore saltwater applications including deep sea fishing.


Hyperion 16X Features:


  • Skillfully engineered using groundbreaking Japan technology
  • 16X braided line with incomparable smooth, supple feel
  • Incredibly thin line diameter for increased line loading onto spool
  • High-density weave for unparalleled abrasion resistance
  • Line glides smoothly through guides with limited friction
  • Beautifully smooth profile for an outstanding cast
  • Remarkable high tensile and excellent knot strength
  • Exceptionally strong, high-impact line for aggressive fishing with no worries


Hyper 16X Braid - Spec


Hyper 16X Braid - Col & Icon


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