Inflatable Life Jacket Automatic / Manual Inflatable PFD (SLJ-018)

• UML – 5 Auto Hydrostatic Inflation Automatic Inflation – inflates when immersed in water or
when user pulls activation cord.

• Safely Inspection Window – Allows user to inspect inflation status : Green indicates inflated
and is ready for use.

• Crew saver 150N • 0-40kg buoyancy life jacket – A permanent buoyancy life jacket, with an
additional chamber which can be inflatod orally for extra buoyancy below 100kg.

• 33g C02 cartridge, Buoyancy > 150N Cylinder is contained inside the bladder to protect
against corrosion

• Heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon

• Safety whistle and S.O.L.A.S reflective tape on bladder and backup oral inflation tube

• UML Inflator made in UK

• Wide mesh-web back strap to spread tension of the center support strap

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