Kingdom Evoluzione Casting Rod

Hail to the new King for a reigning champion of the seas has arrived. Meet Team Seahawk?s Kingdom Xtreme Evoluzione, a triumphant evolution from its iconic predecessor – the Kingdom Xtreme rod.

Embodying the superior Japanese TORAY Carbon Fiber blank with HMSC technology, the Kingdom Xtreme rod offers a powerful max drag up to 30kg yet holds a slim and lightweight profile with high sensitivity, specially crafted for all-day fishing ensuring your fishing endeavours remain unhindered by the passing hours.

The buttery smooth guides, now upgraded and enhanced with Stainless Steel Zirconia Ring SEAGUIDES that is made to reduce friction, allowing you to cast even further and precise like a pro.

A new crown, fit for a new King in the sea. Experience an evolution like never before in the realm of angling with Kingdom Xtreme Evoluzione.


  • Superior Japanese TORAY Carbon Fiber blank
  • HMSC technology
  • Max drag up to 30kg
  • High sensitivity
  • Smooth Stainless Steel Zirconia Ring Seaguides

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