Maxima Perfexion is what fishermen, until now, have only dreamed about – a thin diameter, extra limp monofilament line that fishes tougher and stronger.


After years of relentless product research, development, and exhaustive field testing, Maxima has achieved Perfexion, a super premium monofilament that combines all of the best qualities of a fishing line into one. Thanks to an advanced polymer formula and proprietary new extrusion process, thin diameter Perfexion is so soft and limp that it spools easily, lays flat on revolving spools and spinning reels alike, and offers outstanding castability.


At the same time, Maxima Perfexion has the kind of high-durability finish that both maximizes abrasion resistance and assures excellent knot strength, yet retains just the right amount of stretch for positive hook sets.

Maxima Perfexion Spec


Maxima - Perfexion - PER Colour

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