Sol X8 PLY Braid Line (Ultra Light)

Seahawk PE Line Experience

From SEAHAWK’s popular best-selling SOL braid comes the new range of UltraLight braid with the THINNEST diameter in the market at only 0.05mm! This ultrathin-ness – specifically made for finesse fishing – allows anglers to fit more line into the spool for an even FURTHER cast. On top of that, the Seahawk SOL UltraLight also retains all the awesome features that makes the original braid such a bestseller : 100% PE, absolute silky-smooth surface, trouble-free performance, increased accuracy and distance in casting, super abrasion resistance and ultimate knot strength.



Seahawk - Sol X8 PLY Braid Line - Ultra Light - SOL Spec


Seahawk - Sol X8 PLY Braid Line - Ultra Light - SOLUL Icon

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