Team Seahawk proudly presents the latest, technique-specific slowpitch jigging rods. The Musha is a high repelling, slim and lightweight blank with a distinctly sharp feel and bite detection sensitivity. While being unmatched in power and durability for long duration jigging, it also weights under 140g and can comfortably work jigs up to 200g.

The Team Seahawk Slow Jigging Musha rods are designed for anglers to push the limits – to aim to land bigger and stronger fish with the lightest possible jigging tackle.

Features :
• Original Fuji Japan T-DPS Reel Seat (a good match for any Slow Jigging reel)
• X Wrap Blank design emphasizes sensitivity – prioritized sharp feeling
• Fuji Japan SIC Stainless steel K-guides
• In slow pitch jerk handles up to 200g MAX
• 6” 3’ total pack length, one piece rod
• Blank – through handle (up to grip end)
• Flexible rod with semi-parabolic action
• effective especially for slow pitch, slow jigging

The action of a slow-pitch jigging rod is different from a normal jigging rod in the sense that slow-pitch jigging rods are more similar to inshore rods with light tips as tip action is an important performance feature alongside power.

The C63/3SP is built to deliver confidence and control to your hands. It is factory balanced and tuned with a soft, responsive tip and backbone power for finesse presentations. It is designed and built with a fast taper blank for accurate casting and pitching presentations from jigs and worms to sparse, light covers. It is also ideally suited for other finesse presentations such finesse hair jigs, small paddle tail swimbaits, light Taxes-rigs, dropshot rigs, small tubes or even wacky rigs.



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