Wide Reef Squid Jig (WR-12)

The Wide Reef Squid Jig features an umbrella-like head with super sharp stainless steel jig hooks and a luminous collar. Available in 7 striking colors; Clear, Green, Orange, Red, White, Pink and Yellow. This jig is great at catching cephalopods (Octopus, squid and nautilus) or fish like sleeve-fish and cuttlefish in both fresh and saltwater.

• Super sharp stainless steel jig hooks
• Wide umbrella-like hooks for higher hook up ratio
• Hard body with front ring to connect fishing line
• Broad-spectrum bait and suitable for any waters
• Excellent for octopus, squid, cuttlefish etc.
• Luminous collar attracts squid



Seahawk - Wide Reef Squid Jig - WRSJ Spec a

Seahawk - Wide Reef Squid Jig - WRSJ G

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