Unleashing the latest in technology, the XEON baitcaster incorporates Japanese Reinforced Hamai Micro Gear System that creates notably premium high-precision gears to offer astoundingly smooth continuous gear meshing for maximum fluidity and extended durability. In designing this superior caster, we combined the technology of XLG MKII (Extended Line Guide) — a system that increases the distance of the line guide exit with the spool to achieve a more natural line angle from spool to line guide for excellent smoothness — with a ceramic V-shape line guide that minimizes casting focal point for exceptional casting accuracy. What’s more, we trimmed the reel profile using SLIMTECH technology for a better and more comfortable fit in the palm to achieve unparalleled cast control. With the XEON baitcaster, anglers can be confident they’ll achieve a better fishing experience with first-rate control in the wild chaotic world of fishing.



• Gear Ratio 7.2:1 high speed
• Magnetic Cast Control
• Japan Technology Hamai Micro Gear System
• XLG MKII (Extended Line Guide) system for further cast distance
• Ceramic v-shape line guide for exceptional casting accuracy
• Low Noise spool design
• Premium rubber soft knob for a firm comfortable grip
• Supported Pinion Gear for extra smooth and stable spool spin
• Tournament Drag System
• Infinite One Way Clutch
• SlimTech reel profile for superior cast control
• Audible tension knob click function


Team Seahawk-Xeon-XEON Spec


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