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  • Rattler EGI

    Seahawk Rattler Egi increases hook-up rates by attracting squids from multiple angles: “sight” and “sound”. Using the latest technology in squid fishing, Rattler Egi comes in a striking array of unique eye-catching colour combinations that have been proven to visually stimulate squids—even in murky waters—thanks to its glow-in-the-dark feature. This jig comes ergonomically shaped with built-in rattlers to further entice squids to strike. The jig also comes with ultra sharp high quality hooks that quickly penetrate for immediate hook-ups, ready for strikes at any moments notice.


  • Silent Killer

    The Silent Killer is a wonderful topwater pencil lure that is an excellent for targeting Snakeheads species. The UV coating helps to increase clarity both day and night-time fishing, making it visible even in the murkiest waters. Its aerodynamic design also leads to an increased casting distance for a much satisfying fishing experience. Available in 2 sizes – 16g and 20g in assorted eye-catching colours.


  • Surfer 3527

  • Tetra 50S

    Introducing the Tetra range of lures! Specifically engineered for ultralight fishing, these lures come at an ideal weight of 4g to sink within hot strike zones of 1 meter deep. UL anglers who fancy a little night fishing… fret not! These lures come coated in UV, making them a perfect companion for some night fishing as well! These attractive lures are especially amazing to target species such as Sebarau, Peacock Bass, Tarpon, and Pacu.

    Features :
    • Exclusively for ultralight fishing
    • Fitted with ultra sharp Mustad hooks
    • UV-coated for night fishing and increased visibility in dark murky waters
    • 6 attractive fish-catching colours
    • Tank-tested and proven effective
    • Target species: Sebarau, Peacock Bass, Tarpon, Pacu

  • Tetra Neon 48S

    The trusted Tetra range, but even smaller and in eye-catching neon colours! The slim-shaped body is very suitable for the jerking technique to perfectly mimic injured baitfish. The Tetra Neon also comes with UV coating for night fishing and for increased visibility in dark murky waters. This lure is ideal for species such as MJ, Grouper (Kerapu), Tarpon, Peacock Bass, Temesis, Sebarau and Hampala.


    • Exclusively for ultralight fishing
    • Excellent for jerking technique to mimic injured baitfish
    • Fitted with ultra sharp Mustad hooks
    • UV-coated for night fishing and increased visibility in dark murky waters
    • 6 eye-catching neon colours
    • Tank-tested and proven effective
    • Target species: MJ, Grouper (Kerapu), Tarpon, Peacock Bass, Temesis, Sebarau and Hampala


  • Tiny Lava 40T

    Tiny Lava is no average popper. This tiny popper — made for ultralight anglers — is intricately crafted with a thin angled lip to form a shallow cup that deflects more water to create a more significant “pop”. Despite its size and name, the Tiny Lava is also incorporated with sufficient body volume for enhanced casting performance to cast further and more accurately, helping anglers to cover a vast casting area, regardless of casting skills.




  • Trilo-bait Vibration

  • Vertical Jig

    Seahawk’s Vertical Jig is the newest addition in our line of quick action jigs. With a streamlined design & lifelike 3D Red Eye feature, this lure mimics the appearance of a fish, making it extremely irresistible to anything that swims! Its slim and centre-weight body allows a smooth and rapid drop in the water as well as quick, seamless retrieval upon any bite. The Seahawk’s Vertical Jigs are available in bold, bright colours with high quality luminous fish scale finish for fishing games of any kind, be it big or small.

    • High Quality Chrome Finishing.
    • Slim and Centre-weighted profile for Fast to Very Fast Retrieve.
    • Life-like 3D Red Eye.


  • Seahawk - Wizard - WIZ Main


    Seahawk’s Wizard 125/150 lure is not only excellent for trolling, but also terrific as a casting lure for big salt and fresh water species. The tapered “tail” of the lure is designed to improve aerodynamics for an easy casting. The lure easily sinks to the depth stated on the packaging (3.5-5m depending on model). For trolling, the buoyancy of the lure and its tail is designed to increase the chance of the lure to loosen itself from snags when the line is allowed to slack off. This feature is an essential when trolling areas of structure.

    Tip: For a faster trolling speed, simply remove the center hook. Heavier hooks like Seahawk’s 2/0’s can be used on the front and back hook hanger. Do not put heavier hooks on the center hanger to avoid upsetting the balance of the lure.



    Seahawk - Wizard - WIZ Spec 125


    Seahawk - Wizard - WIZ Spec 150


    Seahawk - Wizard - WIZ Icon

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