Tetra 50S

Introducing the Tetra range of lures! Specifically engineered for ultralight fishing, these lures come at an ideal weight of 4g to sink within hot strike zones of 1 meter deep. UL anglers who fancy a little night fishing… fret not! These lures come coated in UV, making them a perfect companion for some night fishing as well! These attractive lures are especially amazing to target species such as Sebarau, Peacock Bass, Tarpon, and Pacu.

Features :
• Exclusively for ultralight fishing
• Fitted with ultra sharp Mustad hooks
• UV-coated for night fishing and increased visibility in dark murky waters
• 6 attractive fish-catching colours
• Tank-tested and proven effective
• Target species: Sebarau, Peacock Bass, Tarpon, Pacu

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