Apex Fury

Seahawk’s APEX FURY spinning reel is carefully crafted to handle sizeable, more feisty fish. Its lightweight yet rigid, full metal body combined with a Carbon Drag System (CDS) that offers a max drag up to 15kg makes Apex Fury a powerful reel to endure larger game. It’s also geared with a big power knob for an added cranking power for your intense fish fighting combat. Plus, it’s equipped with Power Gear which further proves that Seahawk’s Apex Fury tackles the best of both saltwater & freshwater world.

• 7 Heavy Duty Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings.
• One Way Anti-Reverse Roller Clutch.
• Aircraft Grade Metal Body and Rotor for Superior Strength and Durability.
• Double Anodize CNC Aluminum Spool.
• Equipped with Carbon Drag System.
• Powered with Direct Drive Handle System – DIIS.
• Smoother Spool Rotation with Tru-smooth Mk2.


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