Be quick in the waters like Seahawk’s Quicksilver! Made for mackerel fishing; this reel boasts 8 high performance double shielded ball bearings with a 6.2:1 gear ratio for a smoother reeling experience. Its light and durable graphite body contributes to a feather-light feel without comprising its endurance in facing brutal fish fights. The large drag knob makes it easy for a quick drag setting and comes with a rubber seal to prevent water from seeping in. The screw-in handle is fitted with a soft touch rubber T-knob for a comfortable grip during your fishing combats!

• 7+1 High Performance Double Shielded Ball Bearings
• Gapless 6.2:1 High Gear Ratio for a Smoother Reeling experience
• Air Thick Bail with Anti-Twist Line Roller
• Durable CNC Aluminum Handle with Soft Touch Rubber T-Knob
• Oversized Drag Knob with Rubber Seal for quick drag setting
• Oiled Tournament Drag System
• Direct Drive Handle System


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