Caspian Ark

Boasting an eye-catching metallic red & gold body with all the premium features you need; the Caspian Ark spinning reel is not to be missed. Strikingly beautiful inside out, this state-of-the-art hybrid reel is equipped with high-speed gears for buttery smooth retrievals & a loud built-in clicker so you’ll miss no catch with this beast.

The Caspian Ark is also crafted with aircraft grade aluminum body for extreme durability. The oiled felt multi-disc tournament drag together with the 7 double shielded stainless steel ball bearings offers higher max drag up to 12kg and exceptional strength, all ready for an extreme fish duel in both fresh & saltwater alike.

• High Speed Gears
• Hybrid Reel
• Lightweight Skeletal Graphite Rotor
• Durable Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body
• Loud Clicker
• Oiled Felt Multi-Disc Tournament Drag System – TDS
• 7 Shielded Ball Bearings
• Max Drag up to 12kg
• Great for both fresh & saltwater
• Ergonomic Aluminium Round Knob
• Available in 2 sizes: 4000HG & 5000HG


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