Pollux Spinning Reel

Meet Seahawk’s Pollux Reel, an entry-level spinning reel that is perfect for novice anglers. Light to the hands and pocket, the Pollux reel is equipped with the all the essentials; 4 shielded ball bearings, one-way clutch bearing & a loud clicker for an audible cue to alert any anglers to a fish strike. This polished-looking Pollux reel comes with an interchangeable screw-in handle with a skeletal T-Knob design and is available in 5 different sizes.

  • Entry-level Fishing Reel
  • 4 Shielded Ball Bearings with One-Way Clutch Bearing
  • Air Thick Bail
  • Interchangeable Screw-In Handle with Skeletal Rubber T-Knob
  • Loud Clicker

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