Shujitsu XT

Seahawk’s SHUJITSU series is known to be packed with essential components and features for excellent performance, durability, and style. This new series adds a larger drag knob for easier setting, louder clicker system for optimal response, in addition to 7 ball bearings to keep things incredibly smooth. An aluminum spool, handle and knob provide a light yet sturdy touch. The knob is also ergonomically redesigned for enhanced grip and comfort. Its mid-speed gear ratio offers greater versatility across a wide range of lures and fishing application.

The new SHUJITSU XT promises not only excellent fish-catching performance but is also right up there in style. Gear up and Fish On!

• Unique Diamond Chameleon coating
• Larger drag knob for easier setting
• Louder clicker system for optimal response

• 7 ball bearing system
• Larger drag knob for easy setting
• CNC aluminum spool
• CNC aluminum die cast handle
• Redesigned CNC aluminum round knob
• Anti-reverse one way clutch bearing
• Anti-twist line roller
• Air Thick Bail – Light & reinforced bail arm


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