The Ronin is all about bringing your long-cast experience to the next level.

The reel is feature Team Seahawk’s Tru-Smooth System— additional bearings on the shaft for a quicker, smoother spool rotation that maximises casting distance—and C-Loop Propelling System; a reduced angle on the spool lip for less line friction for extra smoothness. Both these features combine to create an effortless cast that covers an amazing distance. All that silky-smooth operation is protected by a solid zero flex Tough-Bodyz frame for a perfectly consistent alignment. Reach further and cast faster with this winner in your palm.

• Stainless Steel Main Shaft
• Smooth Gear
• Screw-On Aluminium Handle
• Tournament Drag System
• Tough-Bodyz


Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Spec 1


Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Spec 2


Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Icon

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