TEMESIS FX comes equipped with all-new upgrades—featuring a new CNC aluminum knob design, a larger drag knob and a new drag clicker system, complete with a new duo chrome finish contrasted with striking hues of gold.

The TEMESIS FX series gives anglers solid and reliable Seahawk quality, at a low price point that’s suitable for a wide range of fishing applications. It provides excellent strength and durability yet is still comfortably light, thanks to its CNC machined aluminum spool, knob, and handle. Its larger drag knob design makes for easier setting, while the screw-in handle adds cranking power and control even when under pressure, resulting in an increased overall casting performance. In addition, its eight-bearing system ensures an incredibly smooth rotation.

If you’re looking for a reel with an exceptional performance, while being no slouch in the looks department, the TEMESIS FX is a pretty hard reel to beat.


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