Fishing Line

  • Fin - Mega X8- MX8 Main

    Mega X 8 Braid

    Fin Mega X 8 Braid - 150 yards spec

    Fin Mega X 8 Braid - 300 yards spec

    Fin Mega X 8 Braid - 1500 yards spec


    Fin - Mega X8- MX8 Colour


  • Meiji

    It is made from premium material made in Japan it has:

    • Superior knot strength resist impact of sudden strike
    • Low Stretching
    • Superior abrasion resistance
    • UV Ray resistance


    Seahawk - Meiji - MEI Spec


    Seahawk - Meiji - MEI Icon

  • Seahawk - Noro Ultimate - NUT 1a

    Noro Ultimate

    Made from high quality Monofilament material, provides high abrasion resistance with superior knot strength. An all rounded tough one for your daily fishing needs.

    • Ultra thin line diameter
    • Excellent for heavy cover application
    • Invisible under water



    Seahawk - Noro Ultimate - NUT Spec 1


    Seahawk - Noro Ultimate - NUT Icon 1

  • Notto - NOT 1


    • Professional grade raw material made in Japan
    • Monofilament fishing line
    • Significantly reduced knotting
    • Promotes outstanding casting with increased smoothness and accuracy



    Seahawk - Notto - NOT Spec a



    Seahawk - Notto - NOT Icon

  • Maxima - Perfexion - PER Main


    Maxima Perfexion is what fishermen, until now, have only dreamed about – a thin diameter, extra limp monofilament line that fishes tougher and stronger.


    After years of relentless product research, development, and exhaustive field testing, Maxima has achieved Perfexion, a super premium monofilament that combines all of the best qualities of a fishing line into one. Thanks to an advanced polymer formula and proprietary new extrusion process, thin diameter Perfexion is so soft and limp that it spools easily, lays flat on revolving spools and spinning reels alike, and offers outstanding castability.


    At the same time, Maxima Perfexion has the kind of high-durability finish that both maximizes abrasion resistance and assures excellent knot strength, yet retains just the right amount of stretch for positive hook sets.

    Maxima Perfexion Spec


    Maxima - Perfexion - PER Colour

  • power X2 - PX2 1


    • Monofilament fishing line
    • High abrasion resistance with reduced knotting



    Seahawk - Power X2 - PX2 Spec


    Seahawk - Power X2 - PX2 Icon

  • Power Z - PWZ 1

    Power-Z X4 PLY Braid Line

    • The Power-Z superline provides extreme power for a tournament record catch.
    • The interplait strands of fibers are high-tensile, low-stretch and tech-tech, a combination of features that provide superior strength and increased sensitivity, offering tournament anglers their record catch.


    Seahawk - Power-Z - PWZ Spec


    Seahawk - Power-Z - PWZ Icon


  • Asso - Primo 100m - PRI Main

    Primo (100m)

    Asso Primo 100m Spec


    Asso - Primo 100m - PRI Colour

  • Pro Line - PRO 1

    Pro Line

    • Professional grade raw material
    • Monofilament fishing line
    • High abrasion resistance with reduced knotting
    • Increased casting distance



    Seahawk - Pro Line - PRO Spec a



    Seahawk - Pro Line - PRO Icon

  • Shika

  • Sol Braid Line - SBL 1

    Sol X4 PLY Braid Line

    The younger brother of the SOL x8 with all the quality and performance of its sibling at a more affordable price – suitable for anglers of all types looking to maximize performance without hurting the bank balance.

    • Strongest PE 100% fibers superior grade braided fishing line
    • Incredibly thin line diameter
    • Silky smooth and supple
    • Ultra skin-coating technology for Increased longevity and lasting coloration
    • Incredible knot strength with near zero stretch



    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line - SBL Spec 150



    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line - SBL Spec 300


    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line - SBL Spec 1000


    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line - SBL Spec 1500


    Sol Braid Line - SBL Icon

  • Sol Braid Line (Multi Colour) SBL 1

    Sol X4 PLY Braid Line (Multi Colour)

    Easy Casting and handling, greater accuracy ultimate knot strength, 100% PE braid, super abrasion resistance, multi-coloured, maximum durability


    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line (Multi Colour) SBL Spec



    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line (Multi Colour) SBL Icon


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