Fishing Line

  • Asso - Primo 100m - PRI Main

    Primo (100m)

    Asso Primo 100m Spec


    Asso - Primo 100m - PRI Colour

  • Pro Line - PRO 1

    Pro Line

    • Professional grade raw material
    • Monofilament fishing line
    • High abrasion resistance with reduced knotting
    • Increased casting distance






  • Shika

  • SOL 832

    Seahawk SOL 832 sets an all-new standard in superior castability with high-impact, tournament grade performance. High density yet super sleek with amazingly thin diameter, SOL 832 features high UV resistance with ColorGrip Technology that boosts 2x longer colour retention, 8 ultra-fine micro-weave strands for all-round smoothness & strength consistency. To further enchance its durability, the SOL 832 is coated with +CF4, an advanced formulated coating that are highly resistant towards corrosion & made to perform under extreme environmental conditions.
    Get maximum toughness with superior knot & tensile strength, made for unparalleled abrasion resistance. Its ultra-smooth line delivers longer casting distance with enchanced accuracy, made to reduce line vibration & almost zero stretch for quick hook penetration.

    • AccuWeave 36 – 8 X Ultra-high Performance & Japanese Micro PE Fibre Braid with 32 Weaves per Inch.
    • Advanced +CF4 Coating for Maximum Toughness & Resistance.
    • High UV Resistance.
    • Superior Knot Strength with Higher Durability – 20% tougher tha other braids.
    • Exceptionally smooth & Thin Profile.
    • High Super Shock Absorbent.
    • Unparalleled Abrasion Resistance.
    • ColorGrip Technology with 2 x longer Colour Retention.
    • Ultra-smooth Castability Performance.
    • High Sensitivity.
    • Designed to be fished around rocks, heavy vegetation & timber area.

  • SOL 836

    Carefully formulated from years of research to outperform your everyday braid, Seahawk’s enhanced superline, SOL 836 consists of 8 tightly-woven Micro PE Fibers with 36-weaves per inch (AccuWeave 36).

    This forms a superbly smooth round profile with the smallest diameter in its class and the highest tensile strength. Its evenly smooth surface reduces friction by 16% for improved casting performance to achieve further casts. Expect strong lasting coloration with ColorGrip technology, an innovative coating that boosts colour-retention for a longer service life.

    • AccuWeave 36 – 8x ultra-high performance Japanese Micro PE Fibre braid construction with 36 weaves per inch.
    • 16% smoother surface for increased casting distance.
    • Superbly smooth round profile.
    • Smallest diameter in its class with highest tensile strength.
    • Zero memory + nano-carbon coating for superior knot strength.
    • 30% greater abrasion resistance.
    • ColorGrip boosts colour retention with up to 2X longer-lasting coloration.
    • Tournament grade performance.
    • Zero stretch, high sensitivity for quicker response.


  • Sol Braid Line - SBL 1

    Sol X4 PLY Braid Line

    The younger brother of the SOL x8 with all the quality and performance of its sibling at a more affordable price – suitable for anglers of all types looking to maximize performance without hurting the bank balance.

    • Strongest PE 100% fibers superior grade braided fishing line
    • Incredibly thin line diameter
    • Silky smooth and supple
    • Ultra skin-coating technology for Increased longevity and lasting coloration
    • Incredible knot strength with near zero stretch



    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line - SBL Spec 150



    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line - SBL Spec 300


    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line - SBL Spec 1000


    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line - SBL Spec 1500


    Sol Braid Line - SBL Icon

  • Sol Braid Line (Multi Colour) SBL 1

    Sol X4 PLY Braid Line (Multi Colour)

    Easy Casting and handling, greater accuracy ultimate knot strength, 100% PE braid, super abrasion resistance, multi-coloured, maximum durability


    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line (Multi Colour) SBL Spec



    Seahawk - Sol Braid Line (Multi Colour) SBL Icon


  • SOL X8 PLY

    A newly developed innovative raw material from Nippon. The 8-ply nano construction braided fishing line is woven with 20% power-up fibers for extraordinary pedigree and performance specifically manufactured with the latest fishing technology for maximum performance aimed for multipurpose saltwater and freshwater tournament competition.


    Features :
    • Strongest PE 100% fibers superior grade braided fishing line
    • Incredibly thin line diameter with rounded body structure
    • Super high abrasion resistance
    • No reel memory with ultimate sensitivity
    • Micro-pitch braided to reduce wind knots, backlash and rod tip wraps
    • Tightly-woven for a beautifully smooth profile
    • Ultra skin-coating technology for increased longevity and lasting coloration
    • Heightened accuracy and outstanding casting distance
    • Ultimate knot strength with virtually zero stretch


  • Seahawk - Sol X8 PLY Braid Line - Ultra Light - SOLUL 01

    Sol X8 PLY Braid Line (Ultra Light)

    Seahawk PE Line Experience

    From SEAHAWK’s popular best-selling SOL braid comes the new range of UltraLight braid with the THINNEST diameter in the market at only 0.05mm! This ultrathin-ness – specifically made for finesse fishing – allows anglers to fit more line into the spool for an even FURTHER cast. On top of that, the Seahawk SOL UltraLight also retains all the awesome features that makes the original braid such a bestseller : 100% PE, absolute silky-smooth surface, trouble-free performance, increased accuracy and distance in casting, super abrasion resistance and ultimate knot strength.



    Seahawk - Sol X8 PLY Braid Line - Ultra Light - SOL Spec


    Seahawk - Sol X8 PLY Braid Line - Ultra Light - SOLUL Icon

  • Steelpower MX - SMX 1

    Steel Power MX


    A line created effectively with all the right properties for an outstanding line for all fishing situations. It caters to extreme shock strength abrasion resistance, high knot strength, outstanding clarity and durability.

    Steel Power MX is touhest finish for the toughest fishing conditions with the ability of preventing lines from brushing, flipping or snagging on any underwater structure. This is an ideal line for big game in saltwater and freshwater.

    With high-durability, excellent abrasion resistance, soft, thin diameter, lowest memory and excellent knot strength.



    Seahawk - Steelpower MX - SMX Spec




  • Treazure

    Treazure sets new benchmarks for abrasion resistance, breaking strength and sensitivity due to its revolutionary blend of High Grade Co-Polyamides, MAXIMA’s supreme Micro-Extrusion Technology and the unique Additive Depot Protection (ADP). While most lines provide abrasion resistance with surface coatings MAXIMA Treazure generates it as part of the line’s internal (depot) composition, thus providing unmatched abrasion resistance.


    Treazure – the future generation of lines!


    Maxima Treazure Spec



    Maxima - Treazure - TRE Colour

  • Ultra Cast

    Asso Ultra Cast Spec


    Asso - Ultra Cast - UCT Colour

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