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  • Seahawk - Smart Frog 2.0 - SFG Main

    Smart Frog 2.0


    Seahawk - Smart Frog 2.0 - SFG Icon

  • Team Seahawk - Splash-Back - SBK Blue Main


    TEAM SEAHAWK’S unique completely-handcrafted masterpiece; fully hand-painted and carved from durable wood from start to finish. As a result, our lure features a unique shape, weight, and swimming action of its own – the buoyancy of the wood combined with the weight distribution of the lure results in a realistic darting action that is hardly achieved by other fishing lures.

    Today, in an industry over-saturated with mass-produced synthetic lures, the handcrafted wooden lure is a rate find and truly a sought-after gen, one to be added to your tackle collection.



    Team Seahawk - Splash-Back - SBK Spec


    Team Seahawk - Splash-Back - SBK Icon

  • Seahawk - Trilo-bait Vibration - TBMV Main

    Trilo-Bait Vibration (Metal-Vibe)

    Medium to medium-heavy spinning, trolling & baitcasting in swift or deep running water ideal for all larger fresh water game fish.


    Seahawk - Trilo-bait Vibration - TBMV Spec

  • Seahawk - SYQ 1007 - SYQ Main

    Yashita (SYQ-1007)

    Seahawk - SYQ 1007 - SYQ Spec


    Seahawk - SYQ 1007 - SYQ Icon

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